Book Blitz & Excerpt: Teran, by Ava Ross

by Ava Ross

Brides of Driegon

SciFi Romance
Alien Romance


Publication Date
April 30, 2021

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The alien she’s hot for seems to hate her. But when they touch, sparks fly. Will their growing love survive a dangerous quest?

Emma: I’m pretty sure Teran hates me. Why else would this scarred dragon warrior avoid touching me, talking to me, or being around me? Yet when we’re sent on a quest to find a long-lost cache of precious stones that could save the kingdom, I’ll be flying for weeks in his arms. I have to guard my heart. Otherwise, he’ll break it.

Teran: I’m crazy about Emma, and I long to touch her, to bring about the Torrent–the ancient Driegon mating ritual. Our quest will throw us together, and it will be torture to hold myself back, but if I give in, I could endanger her life. But when rival factions attack, determined to keep us from finding the stones, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.

TERAN, the fourth standalone novel in the Brides of Driegon series by bestselling alien romance author Ava Ross. Each book in this series is a standalone, full-length story has on-the-page heat, aliens who look and act alien, a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.



After a mysterious disease swept across Earth, killing most of our male population, Earth women looked to the stars for romance. I mean, who wouldn’t?

When a ping reached Earth, a few of us freaked out. It’s all well and good to send out a signal when you’re not expecting anyone to respond. We soon discovered aliens not only existed, but they had also lost many of their females to the disease and were eager to meet us. Delegations were sent, and treaties were signed. Then the doctors did their thing; making sure everyone was genetically compatible.

The first mail-order bride arrangements were made, initially with aliens from the planet Crakair. When women found true love there, other races stepped up, eager to meet Earth women, as well. That’s when we decided to venture deep within the planet to meet Driegarians, an older Crakairian race who insisted they descended from dragons.

Sure. Like we believed that?

But…it was true. They had wings, tails, blue scales, and horns. And rumor had it they also breathed fire. A few women were intimidated but others—including me—shrugged it off. Love was about the person on the inside, not the outside.

Thousands of Earth women begged to be chosen, and a Driegon lottery was set up. I was among the first four Earth women selected. We landed on Crakair and were whisked to the subterranean caverns far below the planet’s surface. There, three of the initial group found fated mates through the Torrent, an ancient Driegon ritual cloaked in mystery.

I, Emmaline Indiana Jones—thanks for the name, Dad—was the last woman left. I liked one guy, Teran, but he was…resisting.

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About the Author

AVA ROSS fell for men with unusual features when she first watched Star Wars, where alien creatures have gone mainstream. She lives in New England with her husband (who is sadly not an alien, though he is still cute in his own way), her kids, and assorted pets, including a yorkie pup and three cats.

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