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Of Gilded Flesh
by Gordon Gravley
Publication date: June 22nd 2021
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Clockmaker Josef Kronecker makes more than just clocks.

In his study in Salzburg, he crafts lifesaving clockwork appendages for clients, including a famous pianist, a count who loves to dance, and his very own assistant, Anna, who suffered a harrowing attack before coming to work at Kronecker’s Timepieces.

When Josef meets Klara, a beautiful party attendee, he’s entranced and soon becomes unknowingly entrapped in a web of lies. His infatuation positions him as the victim of a royal bully, who presents an impossible challenge and requests an unthinkable sacrifice should Josef run out of time.

While Josef falls for Klara and is held to a deadline he can’t possibly make, Anna keeps the shop afloat as she faces her past trauma, proving that the number of limbs does not make a person whole, but rather the will to live.

Sustaining life is Josef’s calling, but now it’s his life on the line. As the clock ticks down, he realizes that while infatuation is a powerful thing, love is deeper and sometimes goes unseen, and it seems adopting Anna’s unwavering will to live is the way to survive.

Honest, inventive, and both heartbreaking and heartwarming, OF GILDED FLESH is a captivating story about resilience and how much we have to live for.

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Of Gilded Flesh


The clinking of tools and the orange light of candles trail from the workroom in the back of the shop. Anna enters the space through the open curtain. Expecting to see Josef hovering over Duke Brunner’s artificial heart, she’s surprised to find the clockmaker tinkering with the mechanical boy, Joop, instead. Josef inserts the Rainbow Moonstone-and-marble balls into its vacant eye sockets.

The clockmaker leans back and moves a burning candle from one side of Joop’s head to the other. “Come see,” he says.

Anna moves to Josef’s side—close to him, but not too close.

“They catch the light with such brilliance,” he says. “Thank you, Anna.”

He reaches for her hand, yet she finds herself pulling away. Piano music comes from the other side of the shop and hovers between the two of them. Josef gives a curious look.

“Pascal is here already?”

“He came by last night…and never left.”

Josef turns to her, taking in the warmth she emits like a gently burning hearth. “I see.” He turns away and disappears into the darkness of the shop.

Anna moves closer to Joop and rests her left hand beside him. She lowers herself to a stool.

“Oh, Joop. What have I done?”

The boy stares vacantly back as a tear rolls down her cheek.

“I killed a man. He was so very horrible—a demon—but who am I to pass judgement and execution? My vengeance has made me no better.”

Another tear falls.

“I’m worse, even. For I’ve gone and lain myself with a man I do not love.”

Joop’s hands slips from his lap and rests upon hers. The comforting, humanlike gesture from the unhuman boy sparks a faint grin to her lips and then a flood of tears.

“And worse still…I want to again.”

Author Bio:

Gordon Gravley has been making up stories all his life. As a child, they would take the shape of rudimentary comic books, and Super-8 movies. As he was drawn to stage-acting in high school his stories became one-act plays, and then feature-length screenplays – none of which ever saw the light of the big screen.

It wasn’t until his thirties that he finally decided to take the plunge, and like a real writer he made his stories into, well…stories. And just like a real writer, his efforts garnished multiple rejection letters. Twenty years later, those efforts would culminate into his first self-published novel, Gospel for the Damned.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Gordon moved around – California; Colorado; Alaska; Northern Arizona – before eventually settling in Seattle, Washington. Having called the Northwest his home since 1998, he doesn’t expect to be moving elsewhere anytime soon. There, he continues to make up stories, write novels, and live with his wife and son.

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Spotlight & Author Interview: A Flight in the Heavens, by Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr

The Theurgy of Gods

Title: A Flight in the Heavens
Series: The Theurgy of the Gods, Tome One
Author: Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr
Genre: Science Fantasy, LGBTQ+, some steampunk elements
Cover artist: Elita Maalouf

Content warnings: A couple of short graphic scenes (dismemberment). Psychopathic behaviour by a secondary character (appears in a couple of chapters). Brief mention of past sexual assault and abusive behaviours by said character not condoned by the main characters and not in details.


“I see you my little moppets.”

The king is dead, long live his murderer. After fifteen years of passive torment, Farrah and her implacable group of renegades endeavour to alter their fates by attempting to assassinate the man who stole everything from them, Daemon Daromas. Alas, he who wields the theurgy of the gods has no rivals in the lands of Iscar but those foolish enough to challenge their wrath.

When confronted by this ancient and destructive force, the renegades have no choice but to flee the capital and embark on the airship of Iscar’s most notorious sky corsair Captain Feras Sadahl, daughter of the late pirate sovereign. Their meeting with the corsair, however, might not have been as welcome as they would have hoped.

As Farrah and her allies set out on a journey to find the means to challenge their oppressor, they soon discover that the price of power is steep and the road to get one’s hands on it, perilous.

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Author Interview:

 1. Tell us a little about how this story first came to be. Did it start with an image, a voice, a concept, a dilemma or something else?

I always start off with the main characters. I develop the first one and once I’m satisfied with their personality, I find them a love interest. Romance drives me as a storyteller even though it’s not usually what’s on the foreground of my stories. There’s definitely a good balance of adventure and heartache in them. The next step is finding a reason for these characters to meet based on the background I created for them; something that will make sense, be coherent with who they are. I build on that. Whatever happens before or after is intimately linked to that first meeting. I rarely know how a story will begin, nor how it will finish. My characters drive the unfolding events. For the longest time, I didn’t even know what the first chapter of “A Flight in the Heavens” would be though most of the story had already been imagined.

2. What, if anything, did you learn when writing the book?

Writing is the easy part. My talent is imagination, I know how to development interesting relatable characters. Editing, however, is still a learning curve. I learned that editing takes as much time as the actual writing, if not more. Oh, and you also absolutely need a professional editor to go over your work, if not two. No choice.

3. What surprised you the most in writing it?

How much people seemed to like the world I had built and the characters in it. It’s a humbling experience. I started off writing this quest as a hobby to pass time. I was stuck at home for a few weeks because I had sprained my groin. I was bored out of my mind after a few days and decided to write for the fun of it. The more the writing unfolded (I had already imagined most of the story months prior), the more I realized I had something taking form on paper (on screen?). There was something there that was worth exploring. I did.

4. What does the title mean?

“A Flight in the Heavens” refers to the airship that later becomes one of the focal points in the story. It’s also a reference to how it was use as a means of “escaping” a terrible threat. And what led to my main characters meeting.

5. Were any of the characters inspired by real people? If so, do they know?

Most of my characters embody things from my life and the people in it. I’m each of them in different situations, some more than others. I use my past feelings and emotions to drive their persona. One of them, however, though I won’t say which one, was somewhat based on a person I met some years back. Hint: That person ain’t one of our “heroes”.

6. Do you consider the book to have a lesson or moral?

I try to imbue meaning and spiritual values to my writing. There’s a whole (subtle? hidden? clear? who knows) concept in the story that’s really a big metaphor for finding your inner self.

7. What is your favorite part of the book?

When both of my main characters meet for the first time. Their exchanges are infused with banter. Magic to me. I love impossible, difficult, angsty love stories.

8. Which character was most challenging to create? Why?

None. When I imagine stories, it can take months, if not years to go through them. Each scene is rehearsed, each dialogue is thought through. I do all of this before the idea of writing it down even begins.

9. What are your immediate future plans?

There’s a second instalment in store for the book (yay!). Since it’s already written (double yay!), I’m thinking of spending the following year editing it. Hoping for a release next year. Cheers

About the Author:

Captain Gabe_FotorGabrielle Gagne-Cyr, author of The Theurgy of the Gods series, is a French Canadian who studied Digital Video Production and Psychology at Concordia University in Montreal. After working a few years as a counsellor at a youth centre, she somehow decided that writing on the sidelines would be as good a career (though her dream job would be sky pirate—a nice one obviously). In the meantime, she reads and writes, walks her badass German Shepherd and plays video games (Team PlayStation). And playing swords is no childish affair, friends; grown-ass adults love it too. This one certainly does. Netflix also happens. Oh and tattoos. Lots of tattoos. You can connect with Gabrielle via:

Facebook Page: @gabriellegagnecyrauthor
Twitter: @GGagneCyr
Instagram: @gabriellegagnecyrauthor
Tik Tok: @gabriellegagnecyrauthor

Spotlight: The Relic Trilogy + Giveaway

the relic trilogy banner
Company Assassin
The Relic Trilogy Book 1
by Claudia Blood
Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy


It’s Duff Roman’s eighteenth birthday, but no one is lighting candles. 

Turning eighteen in the orphanage on Kalecca means starvation for those who aren’t hired into a Family. Outside the Family compounds lies the jungle. And in the jungle lies death. And Relics—the only real currency on Planet Kalecca. 

The orphans are Duff’s family, and he’s sacrificed everything to keep the orphanage running, even his chance to move on. Now, at eighteen, he has no choice but to leave. Without him to bring in extra money, the orphans will starve under the Company’s control. Duff’s only chance to save them is to find a spot on an independent crew and hopefully find a Relic to sell. 

A seemingly chance encounter with Z, leader of the most feared independent crew offers Duff his opportunity to score a Relic. And offers Z a chance to relieve the guilt he feels over his past.

But a company assassin has plans to lay waste to Duff’s future, and the orphanage as well.

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Horizon Found
The Relic Trilogy Book 2


Duff Roman has managed the unthinkable—saving the orphanage where he grew up. But his trials are far from over.

The second book in the Blood Relics series pits Duff against his enemy Ravenne once more, but the very ground on which they battle is becoming increasingly unstable, and the time particles, Relics, and Seers that fuel the economy are disappearing.

As Duff works to save his world, his efforts are complicated by the arrival of Willow, a Seer who Ravenne believes took her daughter the day she died—and in whom Duff has more than a passing interest.

Duff and Z-Crew team up with a long-hidden group of scientists working to save them all, while Ravenne continues her endless efforts to discover what really happened to her daughter.

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Time Rift
The Relic Trilogy Book 3


Duff Roman and Z-Crew are trapped in an impossible situation—time itself is coming apart at the seams, and they suspect the key rests with one girl: Horizon. 

The problem? Horizon is the long-sought-after daughter of their nemesis, Ravenne. She stopped at nothing to retrieve her daughter from the past. Now it’s clear sending Horizon back is the only way to repair the rift, but Ravenne won’t let her go. 

The underground alien artifact where they accidentally created the time-rift is crumbling, and no one will survive unless they can escape, but time is shuddering and echoing around them, and the way out isn’t clear. 

To make things worse, thanks to the unpredictability of time rifts, the crew now faces not just one mortal enemythere are two Ravennes working against them! 

Will Z-Crew escape Ravenne’s clutches and set time right again, or will Duff finally have to bend to his enemy’s will? Find out in the final installment of the Relic Trilogy!

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Claudia Blood’s early introduction to Dungeons and Dragons, combined with her training as a scientist and a side trip into the world of IT set her up to become an award-winning author of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Juggling her roles as a wife, mom, and pet wrangler doesn’t leave much free time, but what Claudia has is filled to the brim with creating sci-fi and fantasy novels loved by a wide range of readers. 

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