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by Katya Hernández
Publication date: April 22nd 2023
Genres: Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Young Adult

A fate traced by the stars…

Fifteen-year-old Etar can see the future in the stars—a rare skill even among magicians. But while other Starseers before him have become the stuff of legend, Etar has never predicted anything more exciting than the weather. Orphaned at age five and living under his uncle’s disapproving gaze, he yearns to prove his worth.

Disaster strikes when, in defiance of his uncle’s orders, Etar breaks into the Starseeing Dome—an ancient structure built to potentiate the powers of Starseers. Aided by the Dome, the stars send Etar a vision of ironclad warships destroying Skalland, the tiny island he calls home.

Hunted by a bloodthirsty admiral who seeks to enslave his newly awakened powers, Etar will have to fight to protect his friends while grappling with his past, his out-of-control magic, and a budding friendship turning into something more.

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Etar didn’t have time to process any of what Hans had said before he went back to the hallway to let someone in—and whatever Etar had been expecting, it was nothing like the man that walked in.

The stranger walked with a step so light Etar could barely hear it on the floorboards of his room. His long black hair caught light like flowing water, and his eyes were distant in a deep, wistful way, blue and luminous even under this morning’s gray light. He wore a black silken tunic embroidered with the most marvelous iridescent threads. Starbursts, suns, and moons, all decorated with tiny gemstones, crowded every corner of the fabric. Etar couldn’t help staring at his jewel-decked hands. He had long, delicate fingers, as though made for minute tasks like building watches.

As soon as Hans closed the door, the man bowed, a gesture Etar had never received from anyone. “Starseer,” he said, soft and reverent.

Panic rose in Etar’s chest. How did this man know he was a Starseer? “Um. Hello?” he said, his mind struggling for coherent thought.

“It is such a great honor to finally meet you. I have been looking for you far and wide.”

Etar couldn’t parse the words from this man’s mouth, so he gaped instead of replying. His eyes pivoted from him to Hans in search of explanations, but Hans only fell back into a corner of the room.

“My name is Áehd, and I am an alchemist,” the man said.

An alchemist. A trade Etar only knew through books. To his knowledge, there had been alchemists and magicians in this castle long ago, but his uncle had expelled them all.

Etar supposed he should introduce himself, but he was too stunned to act properly. “How do you know I’m a Starseer?” he blurted out. No formal salutation. No bowing to receive his guest. It showed so glaringly that he hadn’t been raised as a royal.

The alchemist offered a gracious little laugh and pulled something out from between the folds of his tunic. When he opened his hand, a butterfly flew out of it.

At first, Etar thought it was a real butterfly because of how dainty its legs were and how its wings broke light, but on closer inspection, it was made of metal and colored crystals. It emanated a soft, bluish glow from under its belly.

“My constructs respond to energy, and no energy is more attractive to them than that of a Starseer,” Áehd said.

The butterfly kissed Etar’s face, making him flinch when it came close to his eyes, but he was afraid of breaking it if he flapped it away. Its glow intensified whenever it grazed his skin, and Etar could feel warmth wherever it alighted. After a while, the alchemist caged it in his fingers and put it away in his tunic.

The butterfly dredged out a memory of one such toy Etar had since childhood but which no longer possessed this butterfly’s agency.

Author Bio:

Katya is a writer, illustrator, and graphic designer who lives with her partner, two cats, and two dogs in sunny El Salvador.

Her cats are her harshest critics, but she loves them all the same.

When she’s not writing or drawing the fantasy worlds that live in her head, she’s cosplaying as the creepiest monsters from all her favorite horror movies.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Protecting His Pack By Morgan Elektra



Protecting His Pack (North American Wolves, #1)

It’s been less than a year since Lane Perkins left his controlling ex and the big city behind for a new job and a new life in small town Watson Hollow. When he meets enigmatic widower Jared Atherton, Lane can’t deny he feels a pull, but there’s no way he’s getting involved with another man so soon.

Jared has enough on his plate as a single father and Alpha of the smallest pack in North America. He’s not interested in a relationship, especially not with the aggravating human teacher who knows nothing of his world.

Fate has other plans however, and when a threat to Lane’s life leads him within the walls of Jared’s estate, they’ll be forced to face their attraction once and for all. But will it be enough to save them both from the wrath of a bitter rival?

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Morgan Electra

About the Author

Born in the artists’ community of Woodstock, NY, Morgan Elektra discovered her passion for writing at a young age, penning stories of monsters at the dining room table. After years working day jobs and moonlighting as a reviewer for popular genre website Dread Central, Morgan left the comfort of an office to follow her dreams of writing fiction. She spent the early twenty-teens as a freelance ghostwriter of erotica, but has now put aside the masks to write under her own name. Morgan recently obtained her MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

She writes dark fiction, paranormal romance, and erotica for those who, like her, are in love with the dark.

When not writing she can be found reading, or advocating for her local LGBTQ+ community. She currently lives near Savannah, GA with her husband, their cat Harlequin, and—if the rumors are to be believed (and she sincerely hopes they are)—an awful lot of ghosts.

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Cover Reveal & Excerpt: Three Meant Be + Giveaway


Today MN Bennet and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for THREE MEANT TO BE, his new Urban Fantasy which releases July 10, 2023! Check out the awesome cover and enter the giveaway!


On to the reveal! 



Author: MN Bennet

Pub. Date: July 10, 2023

Publisher: M.N. Bennet LLC

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 410

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon


Telepathic high school teacher Dorian prepares teen witches for professional casting because going in unprepared is what killed one of his partners. But new state mandates on magical proficiency make it nearly impossible, and Dorian worries he can’t give his students the education they really need. Seeking a distraction from work, Dorian kisses his still-living on-again off-again clairvoyant boyfriend, Milo. Instead of a distraction, Dorian glimpses Milo’s vague vision involving the murder of Caleb—one of Dorian’s new students.

Already devastated by the loss of his partner, Dorian refuses to stand aside and let Caleb die. He searches for clues by delving into Caleb’s mind. Rooting through Caleb’s memories alongside teaching classes leads Dorian to two more students: Caleb’s ex-best friend turned rival and the prodigy with connections to dangerous warlocks. However, each step further into his students’ minds forces

Dorian to confront his deteriorating relationship with Milo.

After discovering a link involving illegal casting, Dorian resolves to work with Milo to prevent the impending vision. To succeed, Dorian will have to explore the potential of a future with Milo and find closure on their third partner, whose loss looms between them. But meddling with fate to save Caleb inadvertently draws the warlocks near, putting all his students in danger.

Dorian will have to risk his life and gamble his second chance with Milo to keep his students alive.


I held my breath as his cologne hit my nose, sending a blissful reminder of lust indulged over the summer. I did like his persistence, his unyielding care. Everything about Milo was perfection, from his sweet smile to his eternal understanding, all the way to his puppy dog eyes. Whereas I was a mess of unbridled anger, constant regrets, and looming guilt that reminded me every minute of every day that I wasn’t worth his compassion. Wasn’t worth his love, time, or kindness.

“If you want me to leave, I will,” Milo said, backing away from the protection of the awning. “It’s just…we had fun over the summer. And then Finn’s birthday rolled around, and you ghosted me—which I allowed because it’s Dorian fashion—but I missed you. I miss us. Sometimes I think you work up how much—”

Fuck it.

I’d already made a thousand mistakes opening the box of emotions between us. What was one more?

I yanked his tie, pulling him into a kiss.

His soft lips met mine, and his tongue eased its way into my mouth. I found myself lost in his embrace, excited and eager but reminded this happiness wasn’t meant to be.

I dropped my drink, the glass clinking and cracking against the concrete. I couldn’t even feign care for the lost screwdriver. I knew I shouldn’t be kissing him. This would only further complicate things—for him, for me—but I didn’t care. Right then, all I wanted was the sweet taste of his mouth and the firm press of his muscles as I pulled him closer.

He ran his hand through my hair, tilting my head in a passionate, all-consuming kiss. The sort of thing I couldn’t handle.
Surrendering myself to another person, their desires, their dreams, their life—I wasn’t made for it. I wasn’t meant to co-exist with another person. It involved a type of effort I’d never quite fathomed.

Yet I lost myself in the smack of his lips, the grind of his hips against mine, the lust oozing from every pore of his body filling my mind with infinite flashes of every time we’d spent together.

Milo’s lips broke away from mine, and I craved their supple touch again. A breathy chuckle escaped his mouth, and he smiled. A coy smile that curled into a minxy grin. “You know, I really did come here to talk.”


About MN Bennet:

M.N. Bennet is a high school teacher, writer, and reader. He lives in the Midwest, still adjusting to the cold after being born and raised in the South.

He enjoys writing paranormal and fantasy stories with huge worlds (sometimes too big), loveable romances (with so much angst and banter), and Happily Ever Afters (once he’s dragged his characters through some emotional turmoil).

When he’s not balancing classes, writing, or reading, he can be found binge watching anime or replaying Dragon Age II for the millionth time.

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