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Night Watch - AG Meiers
AG Meiers has a new MM contemporary suspenseful romance out: Night Watch. And there’s a giveaway!

A romance at midnight, but happily ever after at dawn? Complicated…

Hunter Jones is stalling. One day, he’ll be a lawyer in his family’s prestigious firm, but just not yet. Instead he is working the nightshift at the Burlington Inn. It’s the perfect place to hide from everything that’s wrong with his life. Once—just once—he did something reckless and it has haunted him ever since. Romance is the last thing he needs. But then a tall, dark, and sexy stranger checks into the hotel…

Detective Cole Sawyer’s life is a complete clusterfuck of his own making. His lies have ruined his chances at a fresh start, and his anger and insomnia constantly get the better of him. Cole has no business getting involved with the honey-sweet night auditor. But with every late night encounter staying away gets more and more difficult.

When a dangerous stalker targets Hunter, Cole realizes just how far he’s willing to go to protect the man he never should’ve been with in the first place—and Hunter starts to wonder what it’ll take to rescue Cole from himself.

Night Watch, the first book in The Burlington Inn series, is a contemporary hurt/comfort romance.

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I stole another glance at the man across the front desk in the dimmed light of the entrance hall. I didn’t get many check-ins during the night shift. The Burlington Inn focused on extended stay business travelers. Most of our rooms and small apartments were rented monthly to companies along the Route 128 corridor. Of course, sometimes we had late arrivals, but a guest walking in after midnight was unusual.

The guy’s skin tone was ashen. He looked like he hadn’t shaved for two, maybe three days. Dark shadows hid under his bloodshot eyes and deep lines etched into his face. There was a faint bruise on his left cheek. He’d barely looked at me since he came in. His gaze seemed to focus on a spot on the counter, and his hand kept pushing through his dark hair as if it was the only way to keep his eyes open. I knew the feeling too well, but six hours of sleep earlier today had helped a lot to restore my usual balance. And then, work was my happy place right now, so all was good again.

If I had an overactive imagination, my mind would jump straight to one of those vampire movies Skyler had been so crazy about for a while. They always started with a pale, hunky-looking stranger, all dressed in black. I verified with a quick glance. Oh my God. Dark, washed-out jeans and a black t-shirt stretched tight over his broad chest and shoulders. He was tall, too, at least six feet. If Skyler were here, he would probably be freaking out right now. The guy was total sexy vampire material.

Just that my pale stranger didn’t show up mysteriously and unexpected in the middle of the night—Cole Sawyer had a reservation. Impatiently he tapped his ID on the counter. I tried to shut down my runaway imagination and focused on my job.

“Did you ask for a room on the ground floor, sir?” I asked.

He looked up for the first time. “Huh?”

“Do you have a preference regarding the floor—for your room?”

“No.” His voice was low and all gravelly. “I don’t care which floor, but I prefer windows that can open.”

“All our windows open. That’s not a problem.” I checked the reservation again. Tilda had preselected a room during her shift to expedite the late check-in: Room 124—right next to the elevator. The whole place was more or less empty, but she picked one of the smallest rooms. Tilda was real cheap sometimes. Well, Sawyer was my check-in.

“Tell you what. I’ll give you one of the Executive Suites on the second floor. It’s a small apartment, two rooms, kitchenette, and a balcony with a large screen door. All guestrooms in the back are away from the main road, so it’s nice and quiet. This one faces west and can get a little warm in the afternoon, but there’s a tree in front, so it doesn’t heat up too badly, and you can always open the balcony door. Does that sound okay?” I always babble a little when I’m trying to impress somebody, just until now, I hadn’t realized I was trying to impress him.

“Okay, sure.” He nodded like a man who really didn’t care much.

“It has a King-size bed. More space for—”

Cole Sawyer looked up. His eyes shimmered icy gray.

Shit. I wasn’t even sure myself where I’d been going with that sentence. “You’re tall and…” I was about to say build but caught myself in the last second and ended lamely, “…there’s more space for legs.”

Mission accomplished—I had his full attention now. He slowly raised an eyebrow, and I could practically see him trying to decide if I was drunk or was just missing a few marbles. But then, he grinned, and my heart skipped a beat. Not only did my tall, dark stranger have a sense of humor, he also looked gorgeous with his slightly crooked smile.

“Thanks. I appreciate it,” he said.

Appreciate what? The upgrade. The compliment. My face on fire.

Luckily, I inherited my mom’s Italian complexion. I moved to the other side of the counter to program the keycard for the room. That gave me a minute to recover.

“One or two keys, sir?” I asked.

“One is fine.”

“Okay, this is your keycard. I can really recommend Katie’s Café next door. It’s a nice place. They’ve got a great selection of sweet and savory breakfast pastries. Two coupons for free coffee are included with your stay.” I handed everything over and after quick directions to his room, Sawyer strode down the hall. I checked out his broad shoulders and nice ass when he waited in front of the elevator. Why not? This was probably the last I would ever see of him. I worked at the hotel from eleven to five thirty in the morning, not really a good time to socialize with any of the guests.

Guest Post:

Stories that just won’t die…

For years, I had fairly specific characters floating around the back of my head, waiting to be placed in a story. Characters who met in a hotel. Whose lives would become entwined with the hotel. And maybe the hotel was itself a side character, waiting for its story to be told. However, these characters remained in the background, just patiently hanging out.

I had worked in a hotel for years and always wanted to write a book about the personalities I’d both worked with and worked for. I had a few initial scenes tucked away in a virtual filing cabinet, but it never came fully together. That changed when I got lost in Burlington, Massachusetts…

I was looking for a dance supply store, couldn’t find it, looped around the town a few times and ended up in the center of town way behind the mall and shopping centers just off the highway. There isn’t really anything special about Burlington. It’s very quaint New England. A town hall, a common with a pavilion and a few white churches.

But most people never get any further than the Burlington Mall right off the highway, so to me it felt like I’d stumbled on an old forgotten place. I gave up on ballet shoes and instead drove around, letting the quaintness seep into my brain. When I found Old Peach Orchard Road, characters in the filing cabinet drawer began talking, and by the time I got back to the highway my hotel story had found a home: The Burlington Inn.

A typical New England Inn, with a lavish history of wealthy landowners and dashing pirates. And of course, with the place comes a nerdy night auditor, who knows all about the hotel’s scrumptious past. Hunter Jones prefers working nights, because he is hiding from everything that’s wrong with his life. But his solitary night watch gets a lot more interesting when a sexy detective checks in.

Cole Sawyer is gorgeous. Edgy and restless. He struggles with anger issues and insomnia and really has no business to getting involved with a guy as nice as Hunter. But Hunter is in trouble, and Cole can’t stop himself from wanting to help him. Two men fall for each other in the dark of the night but need to find the courage to bring their love into broad daylight.

I got all that from getting lost in a little New England town and a street sign? Yup. It’s the honest truth.

There is no Burlington Inn, but I’d like to think that somewhere there’s a Mr. Slater, a small town business owner, who fights the anonymity of big chains with stout business sense, who never misses a chess night with his childhood friend, and who makes sure the young men in his care find their happily-ever-after.

Welcome to the Burlington Inn. We hope you enjoy your stay.

AG Meiers and Painted Hearts Publishing.

Author Bio

AG Meiers - Night Watch
Eighteen years ago, AG Meiers came to the US for adventure and stayed for love. Currently, she lives in New England with her husband and two awesome kids—balancing work, friends and family, and writing.

When she has some free time, her favorite thing to do is travel and visit new places. Her past trips have already brought her to a variety of countries on four continents. She never passes up an opportunity to experience different cultures, diverse people and amazing locations.

Even though she has been dreaming up stories all her life, she has only recently started to write them down and share them with the world. As a writer she loves to put her characters through a lot of challenges, conflict and heartbreak, before she allows them to find their happy-ever-after.

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Spotlight & Excerpt- Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay

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ghost of new england

Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay
A Generational Romance Anthology
by Lisa A. Olech, Kathryn Hills, Nancy Fraser
Romance, Anthology, Historical Fiction

An anthology unlike any other…
4 Different Centuries
4 To-Die-For Romances
The Same 2 Ghosts!

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Individual Featured Book Blurb:

Widows Walk Final

Widow’s Walk (1737)
by Lisa A. Olech

RITA nominee & Best Selling Author, Lisa A. Olech

He’s the infamous pirate, Captain John Jacob Wilder.
She’s the daughter of his fiercest enemy.

Their love is the beginning of the legend.

Captain John Jacob (Jake) Wilder wanted the estate known as Fairwinds at any price. Like any pirate worth his share, maybe he’d just steal it. He had grand plans to build his private pirate domain and hide his wealth and mysteries beneath the sprawling grounds of Fairwinds. But soon the magic of the grand house and a kiss of a beautiful woman had him planning a life, a home, and a passion-filled future with a treasure he never dreamed of having—a wife!

Lillian Grace Langdon lived in the shadowed edges of her family, surrounded by memories of a charmed life that had tarnished and faded in the sea air after her mother died. Meeting the dashing Captain Wilder had been like stepping back into the sunshine. The fact that he was a rogue and a pirate despised by her father only added a rebellious heat of that light. Together they grew to deeply love one another as well as the treasured estate, and soon returned Fairwinds back into the magical place it once was. Full of love, happiness, and a brilliant future.

But the winds of fate shifted like the tide, and one stormy night Jake and Lily were cast apart and blown from each other’s arms forever. Anguish and sadness filled the halls of Fairwinds and threatened to return the estate to an empty shell. But Lily and Jake proved their love was stronger than death, their souls immortal, and their story became the breath and heartbeat of the grand estate. They became the legend of Fairwinds. It was their haven. Their heaven. Their port in every storm. A fierce blow might have ultimately taken their lives, but it took those same wild winds to unlock the secrets and open the door to their impassioned reunions for eternity.

The anthology will be on sale for 99 cents during the tour.
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If she closed her eyes, Lily could almost conjure the image of their beautiful mother with her golden hair smiling and laughing and being the perfect hostess.

“Excuse me.”

Startled, Lily’s eyes snapped open. A man stood in front of her. Unwigged, his deep auburn hair was pulled away from a ruggedly handsome face. The strong line of his jaw was accentuated by a day’s worth of beard against the tanned column of his neck.

“I couldn’t help but be curious as to what has put that most delightful smile upon your face.”

Eyes the color of a storm captured her. Lily appraised the breadth of wide shoulders encased in the black brocade of his waistcoat and wide-cuffed jacket. Long legs, also swathed in black, ended in tall, polished boots. Even his shirt and stock were dark. And yet, the air about him didn’t carry the darkness of his attire. Still rugged, there was an easy charm about him.

Lily tore her gaze from him. Had she been staring? “I was admiring the room. It reminds me of the house where I was raised and the parties we threw there when I was young.”

“So last week?” he teased.

“I assure you, I’m older than I appear,” she countered and stepped to one side to move past him. “If you’ll please excuse me.”

He reached out and caught her elbow to stop her. “I’ve offended you. I’m sorry. My manners don’t get much practice these days.”

With a gentle shift, she removed her arm from his grasp and resisted the urge to smooth away the tingle his touch had sparked. “I shouldn’t even be speaking to you. We’ve not been properly introduced.”

“You’re absolutely right. I am John Jacob Wilder. At your service, mistress.” He tipped his head in greeting. His easy smile hit her like an arrow.

Lily was quick to lay a protective hand against the sudden flutter in her chest. “Mister Wilder,” she repeated.

“It’s Captain Wilder, actually.” He smiled again. “And you are?” He prompted when she had failed in her fluster to introduce herself.

“Lily,” she blurted. “Forgive me.” She gathered her composure and held out her hand. “I am Lillian Langdon. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

At the mention of her name, the good Captain’s eyebrow lifted sharply, but before Lily could question his reaction, he lifted her gloved hand and kissed the backs of her fingers. “No, Mistress Langdon, the pleasure is most definitely mine.”

Guest Post:

Just the Facts…About Pirates
By Lisa A. Olech

One of the reasons I love writing historical romance, believe it or not, is the research. I was never a history fan in school memorizing endless dates of this battle and that war. But somehow here I am researching my historical novels and finding fascinating details about what was happening behind those battles and wars. Things like what people wore, what they ate, and how they socialized.

Now, pirates have always held a certain allure for me. I mean, who doesn’t love a pirate? Living on the outside of the law in the fringes of society. They were the ultimate bad ‘boys’ after all. Through my extensive research of their daily lives aboard ship, codes of conduct, and their culture in general, I’ve learned many interesting facts and busted several myths.

Much of what we think we know about pirates comes from Hollywood, unfortunately. For example, there is little evidence of anyone ‘walking the plank.’ If pirates want you tossed into the water, over the rail ye went. There’s also no record of a pirate having a parrot as a pet. Parrots were seen more as a commodity to sell rather than a fine feathered friend to keep as a colorful shoulder accessory.

So, no parrots. How about earrings? There are lots of theories regarding pirate’s earrings. Some believe an earring marked the first time the sailor crossed the equator or sailed around Cape Horn. Some believed precious metals pierced through their earlobes would somehow improve their eyesight. There is yet another theory that the gold and silver was to pay for their funerals. Me…I just think they made those seafaring bad boys a bit more rakish.

There is also some debate regarding eye patches. Yes, there is evidence of pirates losing arms, legs, and eyes during a skirmish, but some believe eye patches were worn so pirates could keep one eye adjusted to seeing in the dark below deck. There were pirates sporting tree trunks for limbs. Black Beard had a wooden leg, but it wasn’t due to a stray cannon ball. It was due to diabetes. If a pirate lost a leg in battle, they rarely survived. It is true, however, that Captain James Hook did have an iron hook to replace a missing hand. Here I thought that was only true in Peter Pan fiction!

Of course, my favorite research involved learning all I could about the incredible, bad-ass, tough-as-hardtack women pirates throughout the golden age and beyond. Anne Bonney, Mary Read, Grace O’Malley, Rachel Wall—the only female pirate from New England—and the last pirate and last woman hung in Massachusetts on Boston Common, October 8, 1789. But my personal favorite was Ching Shih, one of the most powerful pirates in history, and the most feared pirate of her time. Ching Shih terrorized the China coast with a fleet of more than a fifteen hundred ships and over 80,000 men. Carrying twin scimitars, she was very fond of beheadings. But amongst her crew, deserters who wouldn’t listen to reason…they saved their heads but lost their ears.

I wonder, what happened to all those extra earrings?

Dbl Bk Lisa BB widows walk
Author Bio & Links:

LISA A. OLECH—loves art, pirates and a cranky curmudgeon she affectionately calls the Wizard of O. Currently the author of eight Romance titles in both the contemporary and historical genres, she uses witty dialog with a side order of sexy to bring to life multi-faceted, adventurous, smoldering characters you’ll not soon forget.

A 2018 RITA Award nominee for her book, Within A Captain’s Soul, the final book in her Captains of the Scarlet Night series, Lisa’s won a variety of writing contests and achieved the ranks of Amazon Best Seller with her debut book in 2014.

Living on the shores of On Golden Pond, Lisa shares a drafty, old Victorian house with a wizard and two schizophrenic cats she brought into the house in an attempt to fill her empty nest and keep her from talking to herself in a British accent. As an author, artist, Justice of the Peace, and aspiring beekeeper, Lisa finds true inspiration in the beauty and love that surround her. And, she takes full credit for three homes on her quiet New England street now proudly flying the Jolly Roger from their flagpoles.

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