Book Blitz: On The Trail Of The Wind’s Tears, by Lynne Armstrong-Jones

wind's tears


On The Trail Of The Wind’s Tears
by Lynne Armstrong-Jones
Romantic Fantasy Adventure

Date Published: January 2021

Publisher: FriesenPress

This is a sequel to On the Trail of the Ruthless Warlock, in which a band of warriors and two sorceresses sought advice from the Witch of the Great Wood, to battle a powerful warlock. Now the sorceress Veras senses something strange– tears in the wind. The Witch is signaling that she needs their help.

With her new husband swordsman Nico and the sorceress Creda, she and their warrior friends travel to the Great East Wood to face new challenges — a powerful force is trying to seize control of the weather!

While they struggle against this force, Veras and Nico must deal with the challenges of married life, as they try to adjust to Veras’s unexpected pregnancy, their relationship complicated by the presence of the sorcerer Xyron . . . Veras’s former lover. Can the group overcome their doubts and differences as they try to protect the Great East Wood and the surroundings?

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On the Trail of the Ruthless Warlock

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

Published: October 2019

No man can defeat him!

The prophecy states that ‘no man can defeat the warlock’. How can the brave and strong swordsman Nico possibly help the novice sorceress Creda and her instructor Veras to overcome this tyrant, whose powerful magic exceeds their own?Destruction has been found close — too close to the city. The little band of warriors — Joul and Ferren of the king’s army, Creda, Veras, Nico and two youths — must find a way to stop the warlock’s exploitation and destruction.

Their only hope is to find the three segments of the warlock’s shattered talisman to somehow use these against him. But finding each of these poses three unique and puzzling challenges, in places they’ve never been before … On theTrail of the Ruthless Warlock.


About The Author

Lynne Armstrong-Jones is the author of On the Trail of the Ruthless Warlock, as well as 15 short stories published in the Sword & Sorceress and Darkover anthologies.

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Book Blitz: Aofie’s Quest + Giveaway

Aofies Quest banner

This is my stop during the bookstagram blitz for Aofie’s Quest by Angela J. Ford. Aofie’s Quest is a New Adult Fantasy Adventure book with Celtic mythology, strong heroines, magical weapons, mythical beasts, gods & goddesses and a slow burn romance.

Don’t miss the tour wide giveaway! One lucky winner will win digital copies of Angela J. Ford’s Night of the Dark Fae series. You can enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Aofie's Quest cover

Aofie’s Quest (Gods & Goddesses of Labraid #1)
By Angela J. Ford
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Age category: New Adult
Release Date: March 26, 2021

A warrior princess with a dire future embarks on a perilous quest to regain her fallen kingdom.

Eighteen-year-old Aofie’s Mor is an outcast princess, hiding in the sacred forest of the centaurs. She’s spent her life training for one purpose: to take back her kingdom from the angel of death.

When she comes of age, the centaurs prepare her to reunite with the humans. However, on the morning of her departure, she learns a horrific truth that leaves her questioning her true identity.

Frustrated, but taught not to question the will of the gods, Aofie travels deep into perilous lands in search of her birth mother. Along the way she accidentally frees a dangerous goddess, befriends a mysterious iceman, and meets a magic-wielding nymph.

But threads of betrayal and corruption run deeper than Aofie imagined. As she faces trials and tribulations, she begins to question everything she’s assumed to be true. Caught in the ultimate war between good and evil, Aofie must make a choice about her future.

Will she have the strength and courage to take back her kingdom? Or will she turn her back on fate and choose her own destiny?

Welcome to the land of Labraid, a war-torn world where demons rise and the gods and goddesses toy with the desires of humans.

Aofie’s Quest is a dark and exciting fantasy adventure. If you like fierce heroines, treacherous royals, mischievous immortals, wild plot twists and Celtic Mythology, buy Aofie’s Quest today.


Aofies Quest

Aongela J. FordAbout the Author:
Angela J. Ford is a bestselling author who writes epic fantasy and steamy fantasy romance with vivid worlds, gray characters and endings you just can’t guess. She has published 14 novels, 6 short stories, and sold over 32,000 copies.

Angela is also a Co-Founder of Booksniffer. A new app for book lovers, plus an effective way for authors to market their books to new readers.

She enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing World of Warcraft with her husband. First and foremost, Angela is a reader and can often be found with her nose in a book.

Aside from writing, she enjoys the challenge of working with marketing technology and builds websites for authors.

Angela is passionate about helping indie authors succeed and co-hosts a podcast called Indie Author Lifestyle.

If you happen to be in Nashville, you’ll most likely find her enjoying a white chocolate mocha and daydreaming about her next book.

Author links:
Indie Author Lifestyle podcast
Marketing for Authors website

There’s a tour-wide giveaway. One winner will win digital copies of the Night of the Dark Fae series by Angela J. Ford.
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Book Blitz: Josie Fowler and the Mirror of Ankusha, by Maria Schindlecker

Josie Folwer and the Mirror of Ankusha


Josie Fowler and the Mirror of Ankusha
by Maria Schindlecker
YA Fantasy Adventure

Published: July 2020

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Thirty something year old Josie Fowler is a history student that’s grieving the mysterious disappearance of her uncle, Frank. To her surprise and confusion a mirror is delivered to her with a note from her uncle. Frank’s note tells Josie that all will be explained by his assistant Peter.

When Peter enters Josie’s life they not only discover that the mirror she has been given is magical, but that it is also the link to her uncles disappearance. Josie and Peter embark on a journey to Ankusha, a world that is unlike their own.

Loyalties are tested and every move Josie makes is detrimental to their lives and rescuing her uncle.

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About the Author

Maria lives in Sydney, Australia and is a fiction buff and an avid traveller. Her love of fiction began as a child this spawned her first novel.

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