Cover Reveal: The Feral King’s Bride, by Mona Black



The Feral King’s Bride

Cursed Fae Kings Book 3 

A Fairy-tale retelling |Fantasy Romance

By Mona Black

Release Date: November 7

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Mina never thought anyone would come rescue her – much less a cursed king of the Fae with no memory of who he is!


Locked up in the palace tower, sick and expecting to die, Mina never thought her life would end like this.

A princess with a bright future waiting for her, some prince to sweep her off her feet, marry and find true love.

A small mistake – a walk through a forest where the fairies dance – has put an end to her dreams. She is alone, scared and lonely, put away to avoid the contagion spreading in the palace. She has been forgotten.

Until a handsome man climbs the tower and comes into her room. He says his name is Wolf and that he’s hiding. She couldn’t have guessed that this man climbing is Fae, much less a king – only that he could just as well rescue her or take her life.

Instead, Wolf rescues her and tells her that the only way to reverse the spell and cure her, saving her life, is to cross over to the land of Faerie. He can take her there.

But why can’t Wolf remember who he is and why he’s been stranded in the human world for so long? What is the spell holding his memory prisoner – and can Mina help him in her turn?

She’s falling in love with him, and that’s never a good idea between a human and a cursed Fae…


*NOTE: this book is standalone full-length NA romance fantasy novel, featuring mature situations with some dark themes and adult language. The romance is slow burn but leads to steamy scenes. A combination retelling of Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel, laden with forbidden romance, spice and heat. *


About Mona Black

Mona Black is a Fantasy Romance and Reverse Harem Romance Author. She writes about Fae, shifters, and witches, and of course, love. She loves fairy tales and long sagas of magic, and especially loves characters who redeem themselves and find their happily ever after.

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Book Blitz: Dancing With the Devil, by Gayatri R.

dancing with the devil banner


dancing with the devil cover

Dancing With the Devil

#1 in the DWTD Series

By Gayatri R.

Genre | Tropes: Dark New Adult Romance | Mafia Romance | Fairy-tale retelling |Forced proximity | Villain falls first



Available on Kindle Unlimited & Paperback


They didn’t call me “The Raven” for no reason.

I’m known for being ruthless, lethal, and dangerously magnetic. I’m a shadow, the monster pirouetting in the dark. I’m feared yet loved by all, and the entire city surrenders to my name as I rule them with an iron fist.

People always look both ways before crossing me.

Until Bianca Romano turned my life into a storm with just a single glance.

She became mine to keep.

My obsession.

My beautiful temptation.

I broke my rules for her, but that doesn’t mean she can control me.

She’s staying, and she wants to play my game.

But I’ll show her exactly who’s in control.



They call him “The Raven.”

Legend has it that if you look at him, there’s no going back. But I bent my rules for him, and now I’m his, with no way out.

Corvo De La Rossi isn’t the monster he claims to be.

Because I know underneath that brutal exterior lies a lot of pain.

If he’s the monster, the beast in this fairytale, then I’m the beauty who will put back the broken, lost pieces of him-the one who will tame him.

Author Bio:

A twenty-something author who takes great pride in writing kissing-books that contain a lot of sin with a dash of fairytale magic! My female Mc’s bring their alpha men on their knees. When Gayatri isn’t writing you can find her in a bookstore thinking on how to ransack the entire shelf.

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