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Goddess of Limbo

The Forgotten Splinters Chronicles Book 1

by Lea Falls

Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy


Free will is a relic of the past. Souls have a prewritten path to heaven. If they miss it, they are doomed to roam the lost realm of limbo as splinters of their former selves or worse—as demons.

Their only hope is the reaper Alames, whose own soul shattered when her celestial lover, Balthos, usurped their creators to make them gods. In her absence, he builds a pantheon of monsters and tricks the mortals, whom he blames for his grief, into worshiping him. But when a new generation defies Balthos’s law, Alames’s splinters appear among them.

Brilliant physicist Ally longs for progress and innovation, but the Council controlling her nation strips the “Mad Princess” of power. Pregnant and uncertain, the unrivaled Captain Se’azana abandons her career for the false promises of love. The starving serf Richard makes a deal with a Fae demon to save his son. And teenage rebel Vana trades her guitar for a blade when faced with ruthless nobility.

When worlds tear and hearts break, will they defy the gods’ narrative to create a brighter future or will they obey the lies preached and doom their soul forever?

For fans of THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE and THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE comes an epic rollercoaster ride of demons, rebellion, and dark magic.

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goddess of limbo excerpt

“Mommy, is Edejen the woman who starved?”
Dotty’s cheeks turned pink. “We’ll talk about it later, sweets.”
Vana crossed her arms. “But, Mommy, we still had potatoes. Why didn’t we give them to her? She could eat mine. I hate potatoes.”
“I’m so sorry, Dick.”
Richard waved Dotty off. “Don’t worry about it.” He missed when Pier was that age. The younger the kid, the smaller their problems. Pier used to lecture him that the royals and the peasants needed to meet over soup and talk openly about what they wanted from one another. The simplicity of his solutions had been comforting.
Richard leaned forward toward Vana. “Your mommy shared a lot with us already, and we passed it on and shared with others as well. Do you know the Belladonnas?” Vana nodded. “We gave them a little bit too so that everyone could be happy.”
“That’s stupid.”
“Vana, careful.” Dotty glowered at her.
“What? I’m sorry, Dick, but that’s not very smart.”
Richard put down the whittling knife and scratched his ginger beard. He didn’t care for Dotty using his old nickname, but this little girl was adorable. “Why is that, young lady?”
“The Belladonnas have a lot of ugly horses that are mean. They bit me once. So you gave the Belladonnas the food for your wife, which they maybe gave to their horses. That’s a really poor decision.”
Richard shrugged. “What if they demanded it?”
Vana squinted her eyes. “Then we kill them.”
Richard spluttered. After all these years, the Ackermans still managed to surprise him. Dotty grabbed Vana’s wrist, making it clear that the discussion was over. “That’s enough, Vana. I’m sorry, Dick. She overheard my husband telling one of his stories the other night and has gotten some ideas into her head.”
“It’s cute,” he said, then snapped his fingers at the boy, Jules, who was still holding the fox. “Hey, boy, you want that?”
Jules glanced at Vana, then nodded.
“Take it. It’s yours.”
His face lit up with joy that warmed the cold winter air. Richard needed to make motus, but if he could make some children happy first, he’d take the win.
Dotty shook her head and reached into her pouch. “Let me give you a coin for that.”
Richard crossed his arms. “Don’t worry about it.”
“Dick . . .”
“Don’t worry about it; I’ll figure it out. Always do.” Except, he hadn’t, but he didn’t want Dotty’s sympathy to sustain him, especially not when it stemmed from some romanticized memories of her lost brother, Brice.
Dotty studied him. “You’re not thinking about signing up for the war against Virisunder, are you? I saw the recruitment posters all over town.”
Richard bit his lip. He had thought about it. It would be a selfless way to ensure a good future for Pier. It would also jeopardize his place in it. The thought of missing the birth of his grandchildren kept him away from the recruitment tent.
“No, don’t worry about me.”
Dotty sighed. “Someone ought to.”
Vana pushed in front of her mother. “Can I pick one too?” Dotty yanked at her wrist. “No, wait. Mom, I will mind the shop for three hours if you give me that rose.”
“Clever girl you got there, Dotty.”
Dotty sighed again, the exasperated sound of a young mother. Richard missed that noise as well. “Let’s go, you two.” She took Jules’s hand.
“But, Mom—”
“We’re leaving.” She dragged them away from his stall and looked over her shoulder. “Bye, Dick. Look after yourself.”
Richard waved after them and watched as they disappeared into the busy market. He slumped down and waited once more. Some people glanced at his work while passing, but apart from Dotty, no one had stopped. It was the war’s fault. Who wanted to buy toys during wartimes?

Lea Falls is a writer, actor, and passionate lover of stories. Equally drawn to page and stage, she’s written plays, screenplays, poetry, short stories, and two novels, and has acted in numerous short films, plays, and improv shows. She earned her BFA in Acting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and attended the Yale Writers Workshop. After a brief call and response with Londontown, she now lives in NYC with her wife, two cats, and a slither of skyline that never fails to inspire her. There, she spends her days murmuring lines over a keyboard or a script.

GODDESS OF LIMBO is her debut novel. Her short story EMILY’S HEIRS will appear in Hansen House’s ELIXIR: STORIES OF HOPE AND HEALING (AN LGBTQ+ SFF ANTHOLOGY), set to release in January 2022.

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Spotlight: The Realm Wardens Series + Giveaway

Blood Magic
Realm Wardens Series Book 1
by Bobbi Schemerhorn
Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy


Can an ex-warrior, lost soul, and thief stop magic from falling into the wrong hands? 

Dufin an ex-warrior dwarf now a mine working botanist, finds peace and purpose in his gardens with his flowers. But he is pulled away from his serenity by his king. An important package must be taken to the High Kingdom.

A mission he shouldn’t do on his own.

Enya, a human raised by dwarfs struggles with fitting in. Loved by the dwarf mother who raised her, but despised by the dwarf she longed to call father.

Jardeth, a thief too sophisticated for the brothel he was found in. A roamer, traveller happy to go where possible treasures may lie. His true intentions carefully concealed from those closest to him.

What does the package they carry contain? Will it throw the world into chaos or is it a peaceful gesture between two kingdoms? 


The Gift
Realm Wardens Series Book 2


To prevent the rise of evil, rules must be broken.

The assassin, Niviel Darke, is the best in all of Totriga Realm and several others. His services are expensive but worth it. The agency he works for has one rule: protect the client list or die.

The dryad spends his days tending his forest and nights watching the stars. Occasionally, he would use his magic to help visitors bearing gifts. He too lived by one rule: never harm another living creature. Ever.

The assassin and the dryad’s paths cross when a very powerful man, Drummond Amberaull, informed Niviel he has the assassin’s client list. If he wants to protect the list and his life, Niviel must journey to the Dwarf Kingdom for answers. To keep his magic from the High King’s nefarious intentions, the dryad must join Niviel.

Niviel’s plans for the year didn’t entail a five month journey, but he must protect his client list. The dryad only wishes to remain with his forest but the uncertainty of the kings desires for him frightens him more than leaving his life behind. Both are faced with a choice neither wants to make.  


Realm Wardens Series Book 3


When who you were born to be isn’t who you are meant to become.

Tor is an orc stuck between two worlds. 

She was born to be a warrior, but was raised to be a healer. 

Tor was sent to the Rejuvenation Monastery at a young age. Cast out by her father for dishonouring the family. She was forced to denounce her warrior upbringing to become a healer. 

Tor is warned on two fronts that a threat is coming.

But she doesn’t know when or where it’s coming.

Can Tor find this threat before it becomes fatal? Who or what is she looking for? Will she be forced to make a choice between being a warrior or a healer?

If you like dark, epic fantasy with a touch of humour then Tor is for you. Learn more about the Realm Wardens world and her peoples in this third instalment in the series.

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Bobbi Schemerhorn was born in Nova Scotia, but raised in Alberta. She has lived all across Canada, living in at least five different provinces, thanks to her military husband. Bobbi enjoys watching a variety of TV shows and movies; she is a Sims 2 playing fool, and loves working with her hands making crafts. Although she has no human children she does have one beautiful kitty who has reached her 19th year.

Bobbi is self-published in the fantasy genre. She has dabbled in Steampunk and Greek Mythology as well as Urban and Epic. Outside of her own writing Bobbi takes pride in helping her fellow authors with their work with her content editing and beta reading. She is known for her tough love both in her professional and personal life.



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