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hit the breaks


Book Title: Hit the Brakes (Food Truck Warriors #2)

Author: Beth Bolden

Cover Artist: AngstyG Book Cover and Media Design

Release Date: April 8, 2021

Genre: Contemporary gay romance

Trope/s: Fake boyfriend, former high school crush, bisexual awakening, professional athlete

Themes: Coming out, accepting help, building trust

Heat Rating:  4 flames  

Length: 88 000 words

It’s the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone.

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hit the breaks

 Can they fake it til Tate makes it?



Tate Ward is in a bind. His food truck hasn’t been the runaway success he’d always dreamt it would be. When he tries to join a new food truck collective to gain a larger following, his sales aren’t even high enough to win a spot. What he needs is a high profile endorsement—and he knows just the guy.

Tate hasn’t seen Chase Riley since high school. It’s been ten long years of watching from a distance as Chase conquers football fields and fan’s hearts.

Tate never wanted Chase to know that he had the world’s stupidest crush on him, because he always believed Chase was straight.

But desperate times call for desperate measures . . .

When Chase offers a tempting plan that could fulfill all his dreams, Tate knows he can’t say no. All he has to do is pretend that his very real feelings are actually fake.

But faking it with Chase, while leading to wild success and even wilder nights, is everything that Tate feared it would be. All it’s done is leave him wanting the impossible: Chase’s heart.



A few minutes later, Tate re-emerged from the shiny silver truck, carrying a paper plate in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.

He headed in Chase’s direction, and without saying a word, sat down opposite him and slid the plate across the table.

“Rachel’s heating up the mac and cheese. It’ll be out in a second.”

“No soup?” Chase wondered.

“We’re out.” Tate shrugged. “Busy day. Shouldn’t have come at the end of lunch hour.”

“I had a meeting,” Chase said. One he probably could’ve canceled, but he also knew what would happen if he’d shown up when there was a crowd here. It’d have become a circus, and he wouldn’t have gotten a moment alone to talk to Tate.

The grilled cheese was perfectly browned and crispy, glistening at the edges with butter and melted cheese. It looked just as good as Chase remembered, and when he bit into it . . . bliss.

He chewed and swallowed. Wished he had about a thousand other bites. “This is even better than I remember it,” Chase said.

Tate drummed his fingers against the worn wooden grain of the tabletop impatiently. “It’s been ten years. I was a kid. I’ve refined the recipe since then.”

“I don’t suppose you’d tell me your secret ingredient,” Chase wondered.

Tell me all your secrets. Please.

“Secret ingredient? Time? Patience?” Tate seemed annoyed he was here, and maybe it was his fear of being found out but, deep down, Chase was worried it was something else. Maybe it had only been Chase who’d been so affected by their classes together twice a week. He hadn’t wanted to believe that was true, because he knew flirting and Tate had undeniably flirted with him. Had always responded, even when Chase hadn’t really known what they were doing.

Honestly, he still didn’t know what they’d been doing.

Chase finished one triangular half with three more big bites. “Well, I thought about this sandwich a lot,” he said.

I thought about you.

Tate looked incredulous. “I made you one grilled cheese sandwich, in high school, and you’ve been thinking about it ever since? For ten years?”

It sounded ridiculous when Tate put it like that. “Well, it was a good sandwich,” Chase retorted. “And so is this one.”

“Does this mean you’re not going to sue us?”

Chase groaned. “I never planned on suing you. I just wanted . . .” What had he wanted? He hadn’t let himself contemplate exactly what it was that he wanted from Tate, hadn’t given himself the chance, but now, even with Tate seemingly annoyed, that indescribable tension hummed between them.

He’d wanted to know that he hadn’t misremembered or imagined it after all. He’d wanted to know if it had been real.

“No? You just came here to intimidate me?”

“Oh for God’s sake,” Chase said. “I’m not here to sue you or intimidate you or any of that crap. Is it so hard to believe I just wanted to see you again? See how you’re doing?”

Tate stared at him. Those gray eyes—usually so warm but opaque now—had always unnerved him. Before, in the best possible ways. But now? Chase didn’t know what to think.

“You really aren’t here to demand I stop talking about you?”

Chase shrugged. “You posted that you make my favorite sandwich in LA. Technically, it was true. You did, just ten years ago. And now I’ve confirmed, officially, that you still do.”

Tate tugged off his beanie and ran his hand through his hair, the auburn strands of it shining in the mid-afternoon California sunshine. “I’m sorry, it’s just hard for me to believe that you’re not pissed.”

“I could pretend to be pissed off if it’d make you feel better,” Chase offered.

Tate chuckled. “No, no, that’s okay. I’m . . . I guess I’m just surprised. I’d have thought you’d hate people who use your name.”

“Most people, yeah,” Chase admitted, biting into the second half of his sandwich. “But you’re not most people. Never have been.”


About the Author 

A lifelong Pacific Northwester, Beth Bolden has just recently moved to North Carolina with her supportive husband. Beth still believes in Keeping Portland Weird, and intends to be just as weird in Raleigh.

Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope springs eternal. She’s published twenty-three novels and seven novellas.


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Spotlight & Excerpt: The Harder We Fall + Giveaway

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Book Title: The Harder We Fall

Author: Rebecca Raine

Cover Artist: Bec Rivers

Release Date:  March 29, 2021

Genre: MM Romance

Trope: Hurt/Comfort

Themes: Grief, Penance, Personal Growth

Heat Rating: 4 flames

 Length: 70,000 words

It is a standalone book.

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THWF Teaser5 - Surrender

For years, I’ve been bound by sleeplessness and sorrow. His voice threatens to set me free.


Insomnia. It’s part of the penance I pay for my greatest mistake. But when an ill-timed doze behind the wheel of my car nearly introduces me to a pole, I know something has to change.

Sleep with Me, a locally-made meditation app, promises a cure. I don’t expect it to work. Nor do I expect to become enthralled by the voice of its creator, Sam Stephenson. His ability to coax forth my nightly surrender is unnerving. I have to meet this man and learn the secret behind his techniques, so I can evict him from my head—and still get a good night’s sleep.

In person, the quiet and reclusive Sam is his own kind of complicated. He needs my business skills as much as I need his meditation skills and we forge an unlikely partnership. But the attraction between us soon flares into passion and, as we grow closer, I start to long for more than my guilty conscience will allow.

I have no right to love, not after the damage I’ve done. How can I give Sam all he deserves, when our chance at a happy ending was ruined before we even met?



“We’re running out of time.”

“So, we are,” I say with a false show of surprise. “It’s my fault, of course.” I pause, trying to figure out how to word the next part without making it obvious this was part of my plan all along. “I could always email you the questions. Then you can take as long as you like to answer them. After you send them back, I’ll write up a plan and we can meet again to discuss it.”

He looks aghast at the idea. “That’s a lot of work. I don’t want to take up too much of your time.”

“Actually, Sam, I’m the one asking for more of your time.” I brandish my most charming smile. It’s worked on men in the past, though I’m not usually trying this hard for the win. Desperation may have knocked the polish off.

Sam’s mouth drops open and somehow he manages to look panicked and thrilled at the same time. “You want to see me again?” he asks. “For the quid pro quo, I mean.”

“If you don’t mind.” I try to look calm, but my pulse is roaring like an express train. If he says no, I’m screwed. “I know this is all a bit odd, me coming to you the way I have. I suppose I hoped, once we met, you might be willing to give this whole process some more time.”

He shifts in his chair again, his gaze dropping. There’s no sign of his earlier trepidation, though, only a subtle wariness. “This was never going to be one hour, was it?”

“Not really, no,” I say, surprised at my honesty. “Not if we’re both going to get what we want from this.”

I can feel his attention all over me, even with his gaze glued to the table. “What exactly do you want from me, Tristan?”

It’s the voice. Right there in front of me. Coming from his mouth. Holy fuck.

Hearing that voice say my name, after all the ways I’ve used and abused his—in curses and moans and whispered pleas—is a goddamned fantasy come to life. Lust surges through my veins and I want to growl in frustration. This infatuation has to end. “I need to stop sleeping with you.”

His head snaps upright and we both gasp.

My right hand slaps over my mouth. “Fuck, I didn’t mean it like that.”

Looking away again, he releases a shaky breath. “It’s all right.” He runs absent hands along his arms, soothing a severe case of goosebumps. Sam is responding to my voice, my words, the same way I inevitably respond to his.

How would we respond to each other’s touch? Stifling a groan, I shift clenched fists into my lap. That’s not what this is about. I’m obsessed enough without learning the texture of his skin and the taste of his—

Sam starts to laugh, really laugh. “That stupid name,” he manages to say between breaths. “Sleep with Me. It wasn’t even my idea, but it certainly does get a reaction.” There’s another peel of laughter, as if he’s releasing all the tension from his body, and I find myself joining in. Every time we look at each other it gets worse and before I know it my stomach is sore from laughing. It feels good to laugh at myself. Weird, but good.

“Let me rephrase,” I say as we start to regain our composure. “What I mean is, now you’ve succeeded in getting me to sleep, I want to figure out how to do it on my own.”

“Should be easy enough. It’s probably something in the phrasing.”

Reality seeps back in, killing off the last of my amusement. “No, it’s something else.” Sam isn’t the first person to tell me to let go of my guilt. My mother used to say it constantly. It wasn’t your fault, Tristan. You shouldn’t blame yourself.She didn’t believe her words any more than I did, but she tried. “I don’t know what it is about you that’s different. I don’t think it’s necessarily something you can teach me, but whatever it is, I need to figure it out.”

“So, what’s the plan?” he asks with a baffled expression. “Are you going to hang around me until you get your answer through osmosis or something?”

“Maybe? I don’t know.” I drop my head into my hands. “Honestly, I’m making this up as I go along.”

“You and me both,” he says with a snort. “I don’t know if I can give you the answer you’re looking for, Tristan. But I’ll try.”

Slumping back in my chair, I release a sigh. “Thank you, Sam.”

He smiles that tiny smile and I try not to drool when his cheeks turn pink. “It’s my pleasure.”


About the Author 

Rebecca is a long-time lover of all things romance. Whether it’s a book, movie, or real life, she will always have more fun if there’s a love interest thrown into the mix. She lives in Queensland, Australia with her very own hero husband, two quirky kids and one big, black dog. Other than reading and writing books, her favourite things include loud music, enjoying a glass of wine on the patio, organising everything in existence, and spending too much time on the Internet. 

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Splinters of the Heart + Giveaway

Splinters of the Heart Banner

Splinters of the Heart
by Alyssa Rabil

Word Count: 83,220
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 349



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Book Description


Love finds a way.

Aaron Beaumont is a mess. Life has never been easy, so why did he think bondage would help? While he solved the problem of making some quick money, it came at a price he wasn’t willing to pay. To his great relief, he’s rescued by Silas Anderson. Silas, a doctor, takes him home and treats his physical injuries, but his gentle touch and reassurance can’t touch Aaron’s internal turmoil.

When Aaron tries to return home the next morning, the worst has come to pass. He suddenly finds himself with nowhere to go. Once again, his world collides with Silas’.

With the future uncertain, a friendship blossoms into something neither Aaron nor Silas has experienced before, and they know it’s something they may never experience again.

However, happiness is just out of reach, and before they have a happily ever after, they must face a demon from the past.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of verbal and physical abuse, consensual pain, parental abuse, drug use, homophobic language, mentions of anxiety, suicide and drug dealing.


Aaron sat on the edge of the bed with his hands in his lap. The man behind the camera clicked something and a red light blinked to life.

“Shy?” asked the man.

“Cold,” answered Aaron.

“Shy plays better for the camera,” said the man. “But I can also work with stubborn denial.” There was that smirk again. “Introduce yourself.”

“Aaron. Do you need my last name?”

The man rolled his eyes. “No. And you’ve ruined the take.” He took a breath. “Introduce yourself.”


“Good boy. I’m Farley. Your Dom will be in shortly. You will call him ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’.”

“Okay.” Aaron shifted on the bed. He wanted to move his hands—make a point and prove he wasn’t afraid—but that would probably just earn more snide comments from Farley. He didn’t like being the only one naked. Then again, he wasn’t sure how much better it would be once the other naked guy joined them.

Will he be naked? Aaron wondered. Please be naked. Or don’t. Maybe he won’t show up.

It wasn’t too late to run. He hadn’t signed a contract or anything. The money was still in a bag in the corner of the room. He could bail at any time.

“Why are you here?” asked Farley. He nodded to the camera.

Aaron wasn’t sure where to look. He settled on Farley, who rolled his eyes. “I need the money,” he answered.

“Is this your first time doing porn?”

“Yeah.” Aaron glanced at the camera. “I mean—I’ve been filmed before, but—”

“Shut up.” Farley held a marker up to the lens. “I’ll cut that out later. Don’t elaborate.”

Aaron sighed. He could leave, drive home as fast as possible, take a long hot shower and forget this ever happened.

“Are you gay?”

“No,” answered Aaron.

“Then what brought you here?” asked Farley.

“Money,” answered Aaron.

Farley held another marker up to the lens. “Is it even remotely possible for you to look less like an angry mountain gorilla and more like a virginal twink?” he asked. “I understand your IQ may only extend to that of a mountain gorilla, but surely you can follow basic instructions.”

Aaron glared. “What’s a twink?”

“Christ,” said Farley. “Fine. Never mind.” He paused again. “Why do you need the money?”

“Uh—” began Aaron. “It’s—that’s personal.”

“Girlfriend?” asked Farley.

“No,” answered Aaron.

“Just say it’s for your girlfriend.”

“It’s for my girlfriend.”

Farley rolled his eyes. “Ever sucked a cock before, Aaron?”


“Ever thought about sucking a cock before?”

Aaron glanced between Farley and the camera. “Yes.”

“Tell me about that.”

“It—it was a long time ago.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“I got curious back in high school,” answered Aaron. “It wasn’t a big deal.”

“Man of few words,” said Farley. “That’s fine. You won’t need to do much talking today. Ever thought about having a cock in your ass?”

“I guess.”

“Any idea what you’re in for?”

“I googled some stuff.” Aaron had spent the entire week leading up to today scouring the internet for advice. He’d taken seven showers in the past three days and hadn’t eaten for two days. He’d told himself he was just being thorough—that it wasn’t because he’d lost his appetite or because he’d felt dirty after hanging up the phone to confirm the meeting. He’d told himself it was just sex. Men liked sex. Sex wasn’t a big deal.

Farley pulled a sheet of paper from the desk behind him. “Do you know what makes my business such a special production company?”

“Your warm and fuzzy personality?”

Farley grinned as he looked down. “Authenticity,” he said. “Everything is consensual, of course. Men like you come in for whatever reason—overcompensating for their nerves with masculine bravado—but they don’t leave until all parties have been thoroughly satisfied.”

“Yeah, you need a money shot,” said Aaron. “You said that in the email.” He’d found these guys online. The ad had been vague, but had promised a shitload of money for two hours’ worth of work. Aaron had emailed them, called them, then showed up in person. Farley had even flashed him the money before Aaron took his clothes off. It wasn’t a high-class setup by any means, but it was about what he’d expected from a vague ‘call for adult actors’. He probably should have told someone where he was in case things went south—but then someone would know he was here doing this.

“No fake orgasms,” continued Farley. “Our audience likes to know what you’re feeling is real.”

“Okay,” said Aaron.

“Your safe word for this Dom is ‘grace’. Use it wisely. If things are not going well, I’ll switch out for someone I think will be more successful.”

Aaron nodded. He felt a little nauseated and closed his eyes for a moment.

“You read my mind,” said Farley. He crossed the room and tossed Aaron a piece of fabric. “Tie that tight over your eyes, and no peeking.”

Aaron bit his lip, but did as he was told. “Like this?” Suddenly something soft hit him in the face. “What the hell?” he shouted. He fumbled with what felt suspiciously like a pillow and threw it away from him.

“Just making sure you can’t see.”

“Dammit,” muttered Aaron. He heard the door open. He heard Farley return to his position by the camera and heard another set of footsteps approach the bed.

It’s not too late. Fuck this and go home. No one has to know I was here. I can find the money somewhere else.

“Hello, Aaron,” said a deep voice. A firm, calloused hand ran through his hair. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” asked the man—Master.

“No,” breathed Aaron.

Farley coughed.

“No, Sir,” corrected Aaron. He could feel his body shaking, but he told himself he was just playing along. Farley had told him to be a virginal twig or twing or something. He was acting. He wasn’t scared.

Master thumbed over Aaron’s lips. “Open your mouth,” he said. Aaron obeyed.

Master nudged his leg between Aaron’s knees, forcing his legs open. “Hands behind your back,” he said.

Again, he obeyed.

Run. It’s not worth it. Sell a kidney. Sell sperm to a rich lady. Learn to juggle and join a circus.

Something warm and wet touched Aaron’s lips and he jumped. Master ran his fingers through Aaron’s hair again, and pulled him back. A kiss. The Dom was kissing him. He trailed a line of kisses to Aaron’s ear.

“Are you all right?” whispered the Dom.

Aaron leaned his face away from Farley and the camera. “Yeah,” he answered. “Sorry.”


“Let me know when you feel uncomfortable,” he whispered. He nibbled at Aaron’s neck.

“Safe word is ‘grace’, right?” asked Aaron.

“Right.” Master kissed Aaron again and breathed against his lips. “I promise, I won’t hurt you.” He stood up, fingers once again entangled in Aaron’s hair. “Open wide,” he said.

Aaron did as he was told, and this time he was about ninety percent sure the thing he tasted was a dick. A quick thrust from the Dom confirmed his suspicions. Master was slow at first, keeping his movements steady and shallow. One hand had a vise-like grip on Aaron’s hair while the other caressed his cheek.

Considering the many awful ways this decision could come back to destroy him, Aaron was surprisingly relaxed.

Suck him off. Then you get off. Then you go home. It’s not that bad. Just an hour and a half more to go.

Suddenly, Farley snapped something. “Cut,” he said.

Master pulled away from Aaron. “What could possibly be the problem? You’ve been rolling for under a minute.”

“His sad little deflated cock is the problem,” said Farley. “No one wants to see that.”

“Give him some time,” said the Dom. “He’s nervous.”

“Sorry,” said Aaron, sensing his paycheck might be on the line. “I can get hard.” He gripped his dick in his hand and gave it his best shot.

They’re watching me. Get hard. Get off. Get paid. Get out. Get the money to Daniel.

Aaron felt nauseous again. If his little brother had any idea where this money was coming from, he’d probably never speak to Aaron again.

If Dad knew—

If Robert Beaumont knew, he’d make sure Aaron never saw Daniel again. “This is pathetic,” said Farley.

“Let me try,” said the Dom. “Aaron, lie on your back.”

“What are you going to do?” asked Farley.

“This is a lot to take in,” said Master. “We need to ease him into it.”

“I don’t want to waste your time,” said Aaron. “I can do this.”

“And yet here you are, wasting my time,” said Farley. He sighed. “Silas, give us a moment, won’t you?”

“No. We can figure— Who are you calling?” asked Master.

Farley must have picked up the phone. He shushed the Dom. “Send in Regina. She has the edging equipment. Tell her we need Ralph.”

“This isn’t an edging scene,” said Master.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist,” said Farley. “Regina knows what she’s doing. Now get out.”

Master ran his fingers through Aaron’s hair again. It was pleasant, but it didn’t stop Aaron from trembling.

“I can do this,” mumbled Aaron.

Master untied Aaron’s blindfold and knelt down between his knees. He placed a hand on Aaron’s thigh and rubbed small circles into the muscles with his thumbs. Master was also naked. He had dark, messy hair. His eyes were icy blue and beautiful. He was beautiful.

“This line of work isn’t for everyone,” said Master. “There is no shame in leaving if you’re uncomfortable.”

“No,” said Aaron. “I can do it.”

“For God’s sake,” said Farley, “get up. I should have paired him with Ralph in the first place.”

“Don’t put him with Ralph. He’s too rough,” said the Dom.

Farley rolled his eyes. “You can’t fall for some doe-eyed little virgin.”

“I told you we shouldn’t work with amateurs,” said Master. “It’s too risky.”

Farley muttered something that sounded like ‘savior complex’ and put his phone into his pocket. “New rule,” he said. “Every time you hold up a scene to have a little heart-to-heart with the actors, I’m taking a nickel from your paycheck.”

“That’s not fair,” said Aaron.

“Ignore him,” said the Dom. “He has to be petty to stay alive, the same way a shark must keep swimming.”

The door opened. A woman entered carrying a large duffle bag. A tall man with a scruffy beard followed her.

“The cavalry has arrived,” said Farley. “Silas, leave.”

“No, I—”

“You want to cost this young man his money?” asked Farley. “He needs someone more forceful.”

“Then why partner him with me in the first place?” asked Master.

“I was being kind,” snapped Farley.

Master turned back to Aaron. He looked scared. “You can still say no.”

“Leave now, or you’re fired,” said Farley.

“Go,” said Aaron. “I’ve got this.” He tried to force a smile. Master searched his eyes.

“How about this,” said Farley. “You can stay and slow down production and make sure we don’t hurt this precious boy, and I’ll just cut his pay in half and you won’t get paid at all for today.”

“No,” said Aaron quickly. He shoved the Dom away. “Leave. I know what I’m doing.”

Master got to his feet and stepped back.

“Go,” said Aaron. No contract. No witnesses. Of course these guys could cut his pay. He wasn’t exactly a member of the amateur porn worker’s union.

Master clenched his jaw. He turned, jabbed a finger at the new man in the room and whispered something.

The man ignored him. Master left, slamming the door behind him.

“Lock it,” said Farley. He turned to Aaron. “Sorry about all that. You weren’t what I expected. Normally a two-hour shoot only takes two hours.”

Aaron glanced at the clock on the bedside table. “It’s only been forty-five minutes,” he said.

“And of those forty-five, I only have three usable minutes, and those are all your bumbling interview.”


“So how much longer?” asked Aaron.

Farley glanced at his watch. “Two hours. Maybe less. Don’t worry. Ralph is very good.”

The new man, presumably Ralph, approached Aaron. “Do you want this done fast or do you want to enjoy it?” he asked.

“How fast is fast?” answered Aaron.

“Two hours. Maybe less.” The man echoed Farley.

“What if I want to enjoy it?” asked Aaron.

“No guarantee that you will.”

Aaron took a deep breath. “Fast,” he said.

“Good. I’m your new Dom. Call me ‘Sir’. You’re allowed to talk, but you must show me respect or you’ll be punished. Understand?”

“Yeah,” answered Aaron.

Ralph grabbed him by his hair, flipped him onto his stomach and slammed his face into the mattress. He slapped Aaron’s ass so hard, he was sure it had left a welt.

“Son of a bitch,” shouted Aaron. “Yes, sir. Fuck.”

Ralph hit him again, harder.

“God dammit,” said Aaron. “What did I—”

Ralph hit him again.

Aaron bit his tongue. After a moment of silence, Ralph pulled Aaron’s face out of the mattress. “Do you know what you did wrong?” he asked.

“Yes—sir,” said Aaron.

“You are worthless. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You are mine.”

“Yes, sir.”

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About the Author

Alyssa Rabil

Alyssa has always had a love for fiction. She read her first romance novel from her mother’s collection. Her first love story was about a tiger that fell in love with a zebra.

Alyssa lives in a wild west with her cats. She loves cooking and writing. Follow Alyssa on Facebook and Twitter.


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