Book Blitz: Tsalix Silverthorn and the Maelstrom of Tears, by Richard Siddoway

Tsalix Silverthorn and the Maelstrom of Tears by Richard Siddoway

Tsalix Silverthorn and the Maelstrom of Tears

Tsalix Silverthorn, #3
by Richard Siddoway
Cayelle Publishing/Dagger
Epic Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventures

With two of the talismans recovered and returned to the King, Tsalix and his friends face a challenge that will take them to the brink of death. Mount Litso is completely surrounded by the Sea of Tabass, which has a whirlpool that travels across its surface. Not only is the water formidable, but the mountain itself is guarded by giants who have pledged themselves to Abadon.The successful completion of this task will bring them closer to the completion of the mission they were sent on by the King. They will have delivered to him the three talismans that lead the way to the Scepter of Destiny.



Author Bio:
Having retrieved the first talisman from the top of Mount Jinee, Tsalix and his friends are faced with another daunting task.They must cross Shayeksten, the Desert of Desolation to reach Mount Tsood and find the second talisman. Shayeksten is formidable, dry, hot, and covered with drifting sand. Compounding their problem is their nemesis, Captain Nash Doitsoh and his band of soldiers, who are patrolling the desert and are determined to capture Tsalix and bring him to Prince Abadon. If they are successful in crossing Shayeksten and reaching Mount Tsood they must find where the talisman is hidden and then return to Mount Deschee to deliver it to the King.

Richard Siddoway



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