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Absolution: Redux
by Louis Corsair
(Elohim Trilogy, #1)
Publication date: September 15th 2020
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

At the end of the original Absolution, the Executor traveled back in Time and altered Reality. But by doing so, he set in motion a plan to end his existence and collapse Creation. Because of his actions, there is Absolution: REDUX…

In 1947, a gangster murders private investigator Raymond Adams. In 2011, he’s brought back to life for 24 hours to solve the supernatural murder of a Hollywood Adult film star.

When the son of a Pit Lord is murdered in Hollywood, the celestial beings in charge of the Realms ask Raymond Adams to figure who did it and find the victim’s missing soul. Without memories of his life, he accepts the case to gain eternal peace. But the job is daunting:

24 hours to nab a killer…
24 hours to find a missing soul…
24 hours to unravel the victim’s exotic private life…
24 hours to stop a plot to send the universe into chaos…

With only the help of a possessed cop and a medium, Adams must trek through a Hollywood underground filled with pornography, prostitutes, and sadists, along with supernatural monsters. But can he solve the case when his own haunting memories keep surfacing, telling him exactly what kind of man he was in life?

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It was the middle of the night in January of 1947 and I was on my knees in front of the Municipal Ferry building in San Pedro. The docked boats were silent sentinels, watching me. I imagined God and all His angels the same way, looking down constantly, indifferent to the foibles of a sap like me.
At least that’s what I hoped.
“Sorry, Ray… I really thought we could take him down,” said Hargrove, my best friend. In his hand was a smoking gun aimed at me. “But Sansone dug up my secrets. You understand, right?”
I managed a smile. “Thought…” I coughed. “I thought…them dames would get you killed, LT, not me…” I tried to laugh, but only hacked out more blood–so much for being hardboiled.
Lieutenant Detective Hargrove was a copper with a nice square jaw and a suit that always looked slept in. Next to him was Lucky Sansone in a tuxedo, one of the gangsters that festered Los Angeles–the typical Italian with slick black hair. His goons were next to him, their pistols out.
Trying to pinch Sansone didn’t look like such a good idea now. It’s what they called irony. I had tried to do something in the name of justice and look what it got me.
Funny though… The bullet in my gut wasn’t what bothered me, not the betrayal either. It was the wind. The breeze from the Pacific Ocean in winter had a way of breaking down a bird, even one with warm blood oozing out of him. I was cold, just so cold.
“A priest,” I said. The lead pill hadn’t killed me right off. I might live if I could get to a hospital quickly. “Confession of sins… You gotta give me that, LT.”
Lucky pulled out his gun and pressed the muzzle against my forehead. Hargrove turned away. I raised my hand, but Lucky squeezed the trigger. Nearby, the docked boats watched without comment or judgment. The wind picked up, maybe to lament. And that was it.
I was dead.
There was a great, black emptiness and I was feather-light, rising above it all. I remember looking forward to meeting God and all His angels before being sent to Hell for eternity.
It’s a shame the afterlife wasn’t what I pictured.


Author Bio:

Louis Corsair is an eight-year veteran of the United States Army. Currently living in Los Angeles, California, he spends his time reading books, going on walks, writing, and enjoying the occasional visit to the beach–while trying to earn an honest buck. As a Los Angeles writer, he feels the weight of famous Los Angeles novelists, like Raymond Chandler, John Fante, Nina Revoyr, among others.

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Book Blitz: Vartan+ Giveaway


by Alana Khan

Galaxy Gladiators Alien Abduction Romance

SciFi Romance

Temptation of the Horizontal Publishing, LLC

Publication Date
July 25, 2021

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Born in space. Raised as a pet. I’ve never allowed myself to even dream of love.


I’ve never worn clothes, held a fork, or made a decision. When my old master dies, I’m put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder. I expected my life to continue as it had always been—kneeling at my master’s feet. Instead, I’m told I’m now free.

I should feel grateful, but I’m terrified of being alone. Maybe if I’m good enough, my new master will decide to keep me.

When I dig deep and discover the well of my own power, I have a burning desire for something more than freedom–I want Vartan. I’m going to do whatever it takes to seize my new dream.


My quest in life is liberating slaves. When I see a human female up for auction, I purchase her in order to set her free. Imagine my surprise when she doesn’t want freedom but requests to stay with me instead.

Through my ignorance, I damage things between us. To make amends, I vow to help her discover herself and unlock her deepest desires.

I ache for this female. How can I let her go when it’s our destiny to share our heart connection?

This standalone in the Galaxy Gladiators series has everything you’ve come to expect from bestselling author Alana Khan—action, fighting, and sensual love scenes.

If you like hot heroic alien males and strong human females who find their purpose, you’ll love Vartan. This book has no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Warning: It contains graphic sex and violence.


As soon as I nod, he stalks to a nearby booth and points to a pendant hanging amidst a sea of others on a wooden rod. He didn’t inspect all of them. There was a particular one that caught his eye. Perhaps he wants it for his mother or sister, it’s feminine. Certainly he doesn’t want it for himself.

I don’t know how he spotted this particular one from so far away, but somehow he picked the prettiest one in the stall. It’s a lovely purple stone that seems to glow from within. The silver setting is almost plain, which is perfect because the stone is so striking.

I know nothing about him, might he have a female or mate waiting for him on the ship or his home planet? My chest squeezes tightly when I wonder if this will be a gift for his female.

Am I jealous? That’s interesting. I’ve never felt this emotion before. Am I interested in Master Vartan like that? I’ve surprised myself. I certainly never felt that way about my old Master. Just having that thought pulls a little giggle from my throat. Master was old and unattractive.

“Try this on,” Master Vartan says, not even asking the shopkeeper how much it is.

Try it on? Me? Maybe he wants to imagine how it will look on his beloved.

Once it’s around my neck, he stares at the pendant itself for the slightest moment, then his gaze flicks from the stone to my face and back. He nods slowly, then faster, then turns to the shaggy blue shopkeeper and asks, “How much?”

The two haggle for a moment, credits are exchanged, Master Vartan puts his arm around my waist, and we run-walk to the hover.

My hand itches to touch the pendant. I wish I’d had the nerve to glance in the small mirror in the shop to see my reflection with the jewel hanging almost between my breasts. I keep running as I allow myself to imagine what it would be like to have a male like me so much he took time out of his busy day just to buy me something to make me happy.

I never had the courage to imagine a life like that before. Well, it wouldn’t have been courageous, it would have been stupid. Pets don’t have suitors or receive presents. Pets are lucky to be fed daily and not get spanked for their misbehavior.

We arrive at the hover, and Master Vartan helps me inside. As soon as I’m belted in, I take the pendant off, give it one last fond look, and hand it to him. I don’t know where I find the courage to speak without being spoken to, but I say, “Whoever you give this to will be a lucky female.”

A strong emotion flies across his face. I have to look hard through his foreign features to discover what it is. Whatever he’s feeling, it isn’t the appreciation I thought he would express at my compliment to his good taste.

“You don’t want my gift?” As soon as the words are out of his mouth, I can identify his feelings. I’ve hurt him.

“This beautiful piece of jewelry is for me? A gift?” I turn the pendant in my hand and take the time to examine it. The surface is iridescent and so shiny I can see a distorted reflection of myself. I stroke it, allowing my finger to skate lovingly over the smooth surface. “A gift,” I whisper to myself, never intending him to hear me. “My first gift,” my tone is filled with awe.

Tears spring to my eyes as I allow my emotions to swirl inside me. I know, even as it’s happening, that I’ll remember this moment for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t have expected this, but there’s something about receiving something I can hold and touch and feel that affirms my existence, my worth as a living, breathing being.

My hands shake as I try to pull the necklace on over my head.

“Let me help you,” he says as he slips the piece out of my trembling grip. I never noticed his voice before, but it’s deep and full of warmth. For the briefest moment, for the first time in my life, I don’t carry the slightest fear of another person.

I knew my old Master cared for me, but I was always aware he could hurt me if I displeased him. Right this moment, though, a peaceful feeling washes over me. The enormity of this experience causes hot tears to fall from my eyes.

He captures my chin in his gentle grip and turns my face up, toward him.

“Your first gift, Lyra?” His finger traces back and forth across my throat. It barely touches my skin, yet leaves a trail of liquid fire along its path.

“Yes,” the word is more breath than sound.

He pulls away to fasten the chain behind my nape, then slides his thumb between it and my skin. Twirly feelings dance in my belly, maybe lower, with just his gentle touch.

“It looks beautiful on you,” he says, but he’s not looking at the necklace, he’s looking at me.

I fight to keep my eyes open and focused on his face. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been taught not to look directly at any other being, especially my Master or Mistress, but I can’t pull my gaze from Vartan.

I inventory his red eyes, his high cheekbones, and his plump lips. His warm breath fans across my skin. It smells fresh and warm like that day master took me to the beach so long ago. The way he’s looking at me with fire in his eyes, I could drown in it. I want to capture this moment and preserve it in my memory until my end of days.

He leans toward me, his lips edging closer to mine. Is he going to kiss me? Fear bolts through me. Pets don’t receive kisses! Pets are for . . . I don’t even know. I’m not on solid ground anymore.

Perhaps he senses my panic, or maybe he changes his mind, because I see his emotions, so plain on his face a moment ago, shutter and close down.

“We should go,” he says, his words crisp and clipped.

Vartan by Alana Khan

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To celebrate the release of VARTAN by Alana Khan, we’re giving away a $25 Amazon gift card!!

GIVEAWAY TERMS & CONDITIONS: Open internationally. One winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. This giveaway is administered by BookMojo on behalf of Alana Khan. BookMojo will distribute the prize to the winner. Giveaway ends 8/31/2021 @ 11:59pm EST. CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

About the Author

I write under a pen name because until recently I was still a practicing psychotherapist and didn’t think my clients would want to be privy to the sexy stories I write for fun. I think my history as a therapist gives me unique insight into people’s thoughts, feelings and motivations and provides my writing the ring of truth and deep emotion.

I’ve specialized in working with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder since the beginning of my career. Maybe this is why most of my characters have some…issues. Don’t we all? Even though many of my characters have been scarred and traumatized, I make them work hard to earn their happily ever after, which is guaranteed in every book––because they deserve it.

I know life is hard and the path to true love is littered with potholes and poor choices. That’s why it’s easy to write books with real themes about real people who encounter real difficulties before the characters find their well-deserved bliss. I guarantee no “too stupid to live” heroines and no ridiculous misunderstandings. My characters’ struggles are real and compelling—just like yours.

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: The Stolen Husband + Giveaway

The Stolen Husband Blitz Banner

The Stolen Husband
by Loretta Lost
(Marriage Mistake Thrillers, #2)
Publication date: July 22nd 2021
Genres: Adult, Thriller

My husband was stolen. While I was in a coma.

But I’m okay. I swear. Am I a little salty? Sure.
Have I fantasized about revenge? Absolutely. Made plans to get him back? Naturally. Have I stabbed a voodoo doll while crying my eyes out? Just a little bit.

But I am a strong, independent badass, and I am choosing to let go and move on. I got attached to my new guy a little too fast to soothe my wounds, but Lukas is amazing. Younger, hotter, obsessed with the gym, and his body shows it. He’s all I need to forget about my stupid ex-husband.

But when I start getting cryptic messages on social media to stay away from him… and creepy letters shoved under my front door? Cars following me late at night? I am starting to regret diving in so fast…

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. But I would rather be the predator than the prey…

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Stolen Husband


Now I wish I hadn’t worn the heels.

“Lukas!” I call out hoarsely, afraid for him.

As I run through the narrow, twisty cobblestoned streets in six-inch stilettos, my legs begin to ache again and remind me that I’m still not in great health. As swarms of people surround me, it gets even worse as my heart rate doubles, pounding so rapidly that my chest hurts. I can feel it in my ears, and it’s making me dizzy. I feel like I’m going to pass out. I try to breathe.

People are brushing past me and touching me, coming from every direction. Spinning me around until I’m lost and don’t know where I am. I haven’t been this close to so many strangers without masks since before I got sick with Covid. And even way before that, I was mostly being careful… I only had a few, select indiscretions that I thought would be safe.

But this all happened to me because I trusted people, and got close to people. The wrong people. And now I’m in a crowd of strangers breathing on me, and I don’t know any of them, and… I’m alone.

“Lukas!” I call out again, desperately. I run in a different direction, trying to find some sign of him.

What if I never see him again? Wouldn’t that be a cruel trick for fate to play on me? To give me just a little taste of happiness, a sampler plate like the tapas appetizers, and then just tear it away completely?

Wouldn’t that be just my luck? Of course.

Nothing else seems to go right for me lately. I should have known that the moment I agree to marry a guy, he’s bound to get kidnapped and murdered immediately when we try to go out to dinner. Why did we post our location on social media? Why were we so stupid?

All these thoughts are getting to me. Worrying if Lukas is okay. Running around the restaurant in heels. I feel so useless. I find a spot where some grass is growing, and let my body sink to the ground. The grass is cool and wet underneath my legs, and that’s a bit comforting, as my body was kind of overheating. I reach down and undo the straps of my high heels to slip them off my aching feet.

I just hope he’s okay. I really couldn’t take it right now if anything happened to him. I need him a lot more than I realized. Just the prospect of losing him is making me feel so sick and afraid—I guess this shows me how much I actually do love him.

I am sitting here on the street corner in my red dress, like an abandoned kitten, watching the people pass me by on the sidewalk. I’m not sure what to do. Should I call the police? And what do I tell them? Would they even do anything to help? Or do they have to wait a certain period of time before they can start searching?

Author Bio:

Loretta Lost is a USA Today bestselling author who writes stories about survivors. She is the author of the CLARITY series and Sophie Shields novels. She lives in Toronto, Canada with adorable cats, and she hopes to find a good boyfriend who isn’t fictional before all her hair turns grey.

Follow @loretta.lost on Instagram, @LorettaLost on Twitter, or connect on Facebook:

You can also subscribe to Loretta’s mailing list for updates and a free book:

Fun fact: The author’s real name is Nadia– she chose her pen name because her sister’s name is Loretta, and her sister is lost.


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