Spotlight: The Coming End, by Ms. Angel Food

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The Coming End
Edge City Heroes series
by Ms. Angel Food
Genre: Superhero/Sci-Fi MM Romance
Cover Artist: Ms. Angel Food (model: William)
Release Date: October 5th, 2023
Word Count: 60k

No one can get physically aroused. No erections. No orgasms. No stimulation. No matter how much they want it.

A playboy superhero and a prudish scientist must put aside their disdain of each other to find the reason for this global case of blue balls and get back our ability to get off.

The Coming End offers an erotic enemies-to-lovers MM romance, filled with highly spicy scenes, stretchy spandex, and tantalizing tentacles.


About the Author:


Ms. Angel Food began her dimension hopping Drag Queen career dancing with tentacle monsters and lip-synching with carnivorous plants. Through her travels, sheโ€™s collected a menagerie fetishes and fantasies, and brings these suites of pleasure to treat horniness and arousal wherever it may be. A rough landing stranded her between the fracture of our world and those beyond. Until she finds a way home, Ms. Angel Food has made it her mission to bring joy to the people of Earth through their libidos.

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  1. Erotica is never a genre I have ever been into as whilst I don’t hold anyone in disdain I’m {definitely more like the scientist} your typical ever so slightly prudish Brit. Still, love the cover.

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