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Smoke Screen
K. Nilsson
(The Blue Trilogy, #2)
Publication date: October 29th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

She was a distraction. He was a mistake.
Now they’re in each others’ way.

Rookie investigator Devyn Foster knows the pain of losing family. It’s what drives her to do what she does – finding the missing and the lost and returning them to their families.

Her latest assignment is no different, finding the computer a whiz who disappeared while working on a mysterious project. Even though his case has gone cold, she won’t let his elderly parents suffer. She will find him and return him back to them.

But that was before the one-night stand that changed everything…

Private Investigator Max Carson has never let anything—or anyone—stop him from getting the job done. So when he’s hired to track down a software program that could change the world, that’s exactly what he’s going to do… until he finds himself in a dead heat with a woman who’s just as determined as he is to get the job done on her own terms.

Now Max has to deal with two problems: how to get Devyn out of the way… and out of his heart.

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Devyn Foster
New condo, Marina del Rey

In an empty hallway, a middle-aged Asian couple faced a picture window. The woman held a tissue to her nose as the husband wrapped his arm around her. The blinds riffled open. The sight so shocking; he gasped, and his wife slid to the floor in hysterics.

The alarm clock awakened me from the nightmare and the aroma of coffee from my programmable percolator enticed me from the bed.

Ben, my boss, granted me a new case that meant a lot to me—help the Lins reunite.

Kai’s parents were desperate. Unable to leave China to recover their child, the parents called the Los Angeles police. They filed a report for their boy. He was an exchange student, sponsored by Nathan Miller, CEO of TechKey.

The sponsor’s lack of concern raised suspicions. Miller didn’t tell anyone Kai hadn’t returned from his vacation. The employer could face a penalty for not reporting the absence.

The detectives dropped the case. With no sign of foul play, they surmised he disappeared into the social fabric of the undocumented.
I reached for my phone to message Ben.

Me: Have you heard if they granted the Lins an emergency visa?

Ben: No, I have gotten no news. The paperwork could take months.

I was familiar with loss. I was an orphan. When I was a child, my father, a Green Beret, died in Afghanistan. They sent him home in a box. His brothers came to the funeral, promising to watch and protect us. It was the last time we saw them.

Growing up without my dad was difficult. After his death, my mother didn’t date. Along with other widows, she gave moral support to individuals who lost family in action. Mirroring her empathy, I accompanied her. Their stories helped us deal with our loss. My grandparents moved to LA to help Mom. She raised me to have self-confidence, fostering my independence by taking chances. I would learn something valuable, no matter if it were successes or failures.

Mom didn’t discourage risky activities. Because I was so much like my dad, if she forbade me these outlets, she knew I would do it anyway. But as long as I was in the hands of experts, she relaxed her grip. I learned to ride a motorcycle, skydive, and compete in skiing events.

I reminded her of Dad. With his brown hair and her blue eyes, I was a mix of both. My dad’s fearlessness was in my nature, especially when I dove into unfamiliar situations. Because of my people, I knew unconditional love. But she was my anchor.

When she died, I lost my way. Shortly after, my grandpa passed away from a broken heart and Grandma, two months later. The loneliness manifested itself in my behavior. All the familiar guideposts shifted. With no one to tether me, I floundered.

To distract me from depression, my best friend, Candace, suggested we travel over the semester break. We backpacked through Mexico and South America. I took in the dystopia of poverty—loss of individualism, family, and fundamental freedoms. My survival would mean something. I would continue my parents’ legacy and chose a career path serving people.

Reuniting the Lins with their son would somewhat assuage the pain in my heart.

My long-time friend, Candace, advised me to seize life’s little pleasures when and where I could.

All work and no play would drive me toward a crisis point.

She explained her philosophy about the zipless fuck. There was an “honesty” in enjoying sex with someone you didn’t know—providing all the cards were on the table.

I considered the idea, “no fuss, promises, or expectations” appealing, and it propelled me to engage in a one-night stand. When I opened up to Max, I enjoyed the liaison so much, I felt like unzipping the zipless fuck and offering up a repeat. It wasn’t in the cards—Max walked away without looking back. It was a big hit to my ego.

Fate is a fickle bitch. The fairy godmother of the spurned intervened. I took my vengeance in a public bathroom in a high-end hotel.

Max was a heartthrob, incredibly handsome—a drop-dead James Bond. The sight of him startled me. When a woman stopped in her tracks and threw him her room key, I grew angry and gave him hell. He did not offer excuses for his boorish behavior nor did he diminish my feelings. The rake tried to appease me—then made a ridiculous suggestion that bit him in the ass—a bet involving sex. I wanted him—more so, I needed revenge.

My mind flashed back to the angry red cock. The frustration on Max’s contorted face was priceless. I controlled his orgasm. While he thrashed and hollered and I exploded like a firecracker—afterward, I gloated. On my signal, Max emptied himself—it was a tidal wave.

I held on tight while his body shuddered. The endorphin-drunk sex god trembled. I reduced him to an object for my pleasure. He was hard moments after and pleaded for an encore with a pained expression. I ignored him. Once dressed, I left the restroom and never looked back.

Did I feel vindicated after coldly topping him?

Yes. But fate reared her ugly head. I took a job at a high-tech company where I expected to find Kai.

When I attended the orientation for new employees, my eyes met Max’s. He sat at the conference table looking as stunned as me.


Author Bio:

K. Nilsson’s love of reading began with the Bobbsey twins. When she ran across some Italian True Romance novellas stashed in the attic, the musty serials hooked her on adult fiction. Though black and white photos were dramatic enough to know what the stories were about, she taught herself to read in Italian and translated them to her friends. She’s an unapologetic reviewer of books, restaurants, and vacation destinations. An amateur photographer, K. loves taking editorial photos and documenting her travels. Her personal philosophy, sleeping is a waste of time.

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