Spotlight: Our Friendship Matters + Giveaway

Our Friendship Matters
Kimberly B. Jones
Category:  YA Fiction (Ages 13-17)
Genre:  Contemporary/Social Issues
Publisher:  Rhetaskew Publishing Company, LLC
Release date:   October, 2020
Tour dates: Nov 11 to Dec 1, 2020
Content Rating:  Rated G.
Length: 221 pages


“Engaging and heartfelt. Our Friendship Matters opens and continues much needed discussions for young people and their families. Read and discuss!” Rita Williams-Garcia, NYT Bestselling Author

Book Description:

Leah and Sasha are 17-year-old friends who had been close to one another since elementary school, but as the summer approaches they find their friendship tested in ways they never anticipated. Following graduation, Sasha’s privileged life and perception of the world around her is suddenly altered when an old childhood friend persuades her to join in a campaign against an injustice after his best friend is killed by the police. But joining the protest has unforeseen consequences for Sasha, distancing her from Leah, who becomes jealous of Sasha’s new friends and finds herself on the opposing side, protesting alongside her group of new white friends. As the tension mounts between the two bitterly opposed factions, a tragedy strikes and threatens to make Sasha and Leah enemies. Can they find a way to resolve their differences, putting them to the side and learn to accept each other’s viewpoints? Or is their long friendship finished for good?

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Meet the Author: Kimberley B. Jones is a small country girl from St. George, SC. She followed her heart in college writing children books. Recently she decided to challenge herself and branch off to novels. She is your typical nomad who moves from place to place. Not by choice, but her husband serves in the military. She has a bachelors and masters in early childhood education. Kimberley is represented by Rhetaskew Publishing company and is best known for her debut novel, Our Friendship Matters. ​ When she is not writing, she is either thinking of another topic or reading. She loves writing , it gives her a chance to escape into another human character and express herself, other than being your typical mother and wife. If you don’t want to be on her bad side, then she needs her white chocolate mocha every morning. Some days Folgers breakfast blend coffee is okay.

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6 Replies to “Spotlight: Our Friendship Matters + Giveaway”

  1. I’m glad I live in a country where protesting police violence is a more rare affair. But given I don’t even care about mending the bridge between my white mum and I over her spewing far right conspiracy shit about white genocide and replacement to her black son, I’m happy to never talk to her again. Not worth my mental health to try and change her views, as she’ll never change. I hope the book has a better ending than my life story

    1. One of the things that is becoming a distressingly common American experience is having a conversation with someone and just being left gap-mouthed and going, “But that’s not true” and there being no way to convince them otherwise. Sometimes walking away is the only answer I’ve found. But no doubt the author has written a better ending than that.

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