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Heir of Elriyon
By K. Michele Moseley
Young Adult Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 301 Pages
August 20, 2021 by Uncommon Universes Press

Aenya’s destiny could cost her freedom.

After years of compulsory training to become an elite warrior, sixteen-year-old Aenya plans to run away with her friend Lewin. However, her plans crumble when she is chosen to be Elriyon’s new figurehead and wife to the future ruler, Rieve.

But Aenya has a secret: she is a Darcara—one chosen by elusive dragon-like beings, the Dargun, to receive the wisdom that once governed her people.

When the current rulers decide to stop a growing rebellion by killing the remaining Dargun, Aenya flees to Elriyon’s mysterious interior. Still, the Dargun’s words burn into her mind. They have a new task for her: return to her people and speak the truth, no matter the cost.

With escape close at hand, Aenya must choose between a dangerous calling or finally being free.

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A few weeks ago, a vision came in the night, when the images are strongest. Sometimes I see a single color, or many blended together in different patterns. Sometimes the images resemble real things or at least an impression of them. That night, I saw the purest rows of silver and bronze, and they could have stretched on for miles, like open fields of shimmering grass. The next morning, I scratched the shapes in the sand, trying to explain the colors and what they meant to Lewin.

“Out there!” I said, gesturing to the high, stone wall which separates the Councilhold from the sands and sea.

Lewin’s brow furrowed in question, puzzled.

“Not Seagate, further. The land outside. The Dargun are out there somewhere. There must be people who aren’t part of the Councilholds. And why would I have visions unless—”

His face relaxed, but his eyes remained wide with wonder, knowing what I was about to say but not letting himself fully believe it.

“Unless we’re supposed to be out there too.”

At that moment, we started to plan our escape. For the first time in years, we remembered what it felt like to talk about the future with excitement. It was like it was before the Eluit and the farm, honor and shame, tried to divide us. I was sure the visons would guide us every bit of the way.

Excerpted from Heir of Elriyon by K. Michele Moseley, Copyright © 2021 by K. Michele Moseley. Published by Uncommon Universes Press.

About the Author

K. Michele Moseley found her love for storytelling on a Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the third grade. Though she struggled with dyslexia, her passion for stories allowed her to overcome the challenges that came with telling them. While she writes in many genres, what she likes best is creating stories for young adults that place real-life obstacles into fantastic worlds. When not inventing new realms, she spends her time chasing after her two sons and playing “Netflix Roulette” with her husband.

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