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Author: Kateri Stanley

Pub. Date: May 6, 2022

Publisher: Burton Mayers Books

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 294

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, Kindle, B&N, TBD,

Julian Finch, widower and fisherman, awakes to learn that the bodies of two colleagues have washed up on the beach of Drake Cove. The close-knit community is under fierce public scrutiny due to a long-standing tradition called “The Culling”, the annual slaughter of pilot whales for consumption. An act which divides the nation.

The suspects are the extreme animal rights group, the Fighters Against Animal Cruelty (FAAC) who go wherever the politics is trending. They’ve been harassing the small fishing town for many years, smashing up their boats and sending vicious hate mail.

Tensions mount after a viral video, uploaded by the FAAC of Julian killing a pregnant whale, causes uproar online and in real life. In the aftermath, Julian becomes the victim of hate crime. In order to avoid further life-threatening attacks, Julian and his daughter take refuge in the home of Frank Blothio: ex-fisherman turned writer and political activist who does not have the best history with the animal rights movement, or Drake Cove as a whole.

As Julian integrates into the Blothio way of life, he discovers heinous secrets and disturbing truths lurking beneath the skin of his hometown that will change his life forever.

Guest Post: Dream Cast

If you’ve been following me, you may know (or not lol) that I love movies, in fact I’m obsessed with them. I love going to the cinema or binge watching something on Netflix. Follow me on Instagram @sal_writes and on Fridays, I post about my favourite movies. I’m currently at 49 features (including documentaries) and my list is no way near finished.

I think it’s every author’s dream to have a film made from their novel. I’m a visual writer so whenever I’m creating a scene whether it’s imagining it, scribbling it down or typing it out, I always see it in my head as if it’s being played on screen. Hope you like my dream cast and my useless movie trivia knowledge.

Rafe Spall as Julian Finch
Julian is the lead character and main storyteller of From the Deep. He’s a widower, single father and he’s incredibly protective of his teenage daughter, Emily. The novel is set a year after Julian’s wife has passed away and he’s just about done with the drama that’s been happening in his hometown. He’s a fisherman, a proud Drake Covian, participating in the annual practice of The Culling where they kill pilot whales for meat consumption. He knows not everyone agrees with what he does but it’s a vital part of his culture. Julian’s a proper hard working English man with a rather rough and salty personality. He doesn’t get social media or trends like mukbang. “How’s being an influencer a job?”

Rafe is a brilliant, highly underrated actor. He’s done theatre, film, TV but I think he’s still relatively unknown. However, you may have seen him in Black Mirror, Jurassic World 2 and Shaun of the Dead. He’s played the hero, the villain, the romancer, the funny man and everything else. Rafe’s also married and a parent so he’d be able to bring Julian’s insecurities over his family to life really well. I think he’d be perfect.

A bit of trivia for you – Rafe’s father is award winning actor, Timothy Spall who’s been in big blockbusters like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

Brian Cox as Frank Blothio
Frank is an ex-fisherman turned animal rights activist and author. He used to co-run the fishing company Julian works for. He sold half the business and fell out with best friend, Michael Blocksidge. Frank’s caused an uproar in politics and most of the locals of Drake Cove dislike him as he has publicly condemned the annual practice of The Culling. Frank’s a strong individual, unafraid to speak his mind. I admire Frank greatly; I don’t know how he does his job to be honest. I’d be terrified.

Brian is probably too old to play the part now but he’s always been Frank in my eyes. He’s theatre trained, got a lovely speaking voice so when Frank makes these passionate (and controversial) speeches about animal activism in the book, Brian would knock them out of the park. I’d love to see it on screen.
Another bit of trivia, Brian was the first actor to play Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter, not Anthony Hopkins!

Brendan Gleeson as Michael Blocksidge
Michael is the dark horse of the story. He’s the co-owner of Blocksidge and Cripps fisherie and he’s best friends with Julian. He’s quiet, rarely shows his vulnerabilities and he’s been dealing with the intensity of the Fighters Against Animal Cruelty (FAAC) activist group for many years. At the beginning of the novel, Michael is dealing with mountains of stress as the bodies of two colleagues wash up on the beach of Drake Cove and their fishing contract is potentially in tatters. He has a jilted relationship with Frank, they used to be close like brothers but it fell apart. What it was over, he doesn’t disclose no matter how many times Julian tries to investigate. I won’t say more about Mike but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

I’ve been a big fan of this actor since I was a kid. Like Rafe, Brendan’s done everything. Done loads of films, TV, you name it. 28 Days Later, Cold Mountain, Breakfast on Pluto. He’s my Michael.

Trivia: Brendan Gleeson and Brian Cox both starred in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart together! He co-starrred in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Rafe’s dad. Also, Brendan’s son, Domhnall Gleeson is an actor.

Kathryn Winnick as Shy Blothio
Mysterious. Beautiful. Weird. These are Julian’s words when describing Shy Blothio, Frank’s niece. She’s recently back from university as a mature student and is an out of work artist. She rocks long ethereal green hair and has different colour eyes. Julian’s intimidated by her when they first meet. I won’t be saying anymore haha.

I fell in love with Kathryn Winnick when I first saw her in the TV show, Vikings. Not just with her beauty but her strength and integrity. She’s Shy for me.


I realise all of these choices are highly unlikely but they are my dream cast. If From the Deep was made into a movie, I’d love to see unknown British/Irish/Scottish/Welsh or Nordic actors audition for this!

 About Kateri Stanley:

Kateri Stanley is a pseudonym for the multi genre fiction writer. Since being a child, Kateri has been inspired by the wondrous mediums of books, music, TV and film. After working in the healthcare industry for eight years and studying for an Arts and Humanities degree, she made the decision to move cities in the West Midlands and live with her ever-suffering partner and their two cats. Her debut novel Forgive Me was published by indie press house, Darkstroke Books in 2021 and it reached #1 in the US Horror Fiction charts on Amazon. She is currently working on her third novel, Bittersweet Injuries and would love to pursue a full-time career in writing.

Kateri is also active on several social media platforms.

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