Cover Reveal: Dark Fate, by Karley Stafford


Title: Dark Fate
Author: Karley Stafford
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: Aug 24, 2022
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
Pages: 350 (approx.)
Format: Paperback | Ebook | KU


I am the alpha’s daughter, the alpha apparent, heir to our pack. A position I never wanted. I wish I could relinquish it to Cole, my shadow and second. But my father would be devastated, and the pack would surely ostracize me.

My world goes to hell when my father makes a deal with the Cavell Wolves, known widely for their cruelty. The deal in which I will marry Jasper, the heir to the savage northern pack. The last thing I need is a male to be by my side to become the Alpha my father raised me to be. What he doesn’t know, I’m already in love with a witch whom I would burn the world down for.

After a night gone wrong, betrayed by someone I trust, I find myself at the mercy of Marrock, my heinous father-in-law-to-be. Learning first hand of the atrocities he’s willing to commit to get what he wants. But I will not let him break my spirit.

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Author Bio:

Karley Stafford_AuthorPhotoDebut Novel – 2022

Karley Stafford is a busy bee who decided she wanted to add to her real-life never-ending story of constant tasks and dabble in the art of becoming an author. She is an advocate for mental health and writing has allowed her a healthy tool to heal.

Aside from her full-time career and her new venture as a wordsmith, full-time student, she also runs two companies; Literary Bound Tours (Co-owner) & Venom & Villainy where she curates designs to satisfy the dark & bookish hearts.

Karley lives in Canada, as a single mom. Her family unit is whole with their two dogs Rogue & Kylo. She is a self-proclaimed ginormous nerd who loves anything and everything magical.




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