Spotlight: Burn Red Skies by K.E. Rosero

Burn Red Skies

by K.E. Rosero
adult high fantasy
Out Nov. 11, 2020

Final Fantasy meets the “First Law” universe

It starts with a rift that burns a thousand scars into the sky.
It makes the winds stop.
It makes the stars go dark.
It awakes an ancient beast.
And with it, a new reign of blood.
It is the Summoning.
And at the heart of it is fire.

When the Summoner’s army blazes through her village, Dove is forced into hiding. Torn from everything she knows, she begins training in the elements with only one goal in mind: to find her brother. She just needs to get past the Summoner’s army—but how can she slay a dragon that is already dead?

Copyright Credits: Audio: J.T. Peterson – Sky Productions Trailer Titles: DesireCreator Sound: Stefano Cremona, Wistan Sound Trailer Master: Franziska Haase

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K.E. Rosero, Filipino American author of debut novel BURN RED SKIES, is always finding herself in odd places–from hiking across Germany to draw castles, to training in a Muay Thai boot camp in Thailand, to practicing the fine intricacies of Chinese calligraphy in Taiwan. This Bay Area native left home for college in Portland and somehow ended up studying Chinese in Germany.

Through her experiences, she realized that the story was in the journey, not the destination. Based on her adventures, she decided to write a fantasy novel with fire, flame, swords, and martial arts. And dragons.

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