Book Blitz & Excerpt: A Cursed Noel & Giveaway

Today I have a snippet & giveaway to celebrate the release of A Cursed Noel from award-winning author Cecy Robson. This is a standalone novella in her urban fantasy series, the Weird Girls. Grab a cup of cocoa and check it out before grabbing your copy!

A Cursed Noel


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Aric Connor was that werewolf, the one destined for glory and the envy of his kind. Until his father’s brutal murder sent him down a dark path he couldn’t escape…

Aric avenged his father, but it wasn’t enough. Nothing was ever enough.

Now, when he’s not executing vicious monsters, Aric grieves in his self-imposed isolation, sinking further into despair.

In a daring move, his packmate acquires the help of the of the town hag, Mimi. And Mimi knows just the gal to snap Aric out of his downward spiral.

Using a forbidden spell, Mimi transports Aric to a different place and time, where festive holiday decorations rule the land and where his love Celia Wird waits in peril.

Will Aric be able to save Celia and her family from a fate worse than death? With monsters, mayhem, and a major snowstorm hitting the area, it will take a Christmas miracle to save Celia, and for Aric to become the leader the world needs.

*previously published in Shifters and Mistletoe: A Wolf Shifter Novella Collection

A snippet of A Cursed Noel…..

She throws back her head, cackling like she heard me, but then it’s like the common sense she lacks jars the humor right out of her.

“No. Mustn’t toy with the space-time continuum. No, no, no. Magic doesn’t like that. Perfect balance and all.” She resumes her levitated pacing but only manages a few strides. “Unless it’s brief and for the bene t of good,” she reasons.


She does a little dance. Odd, seeing she’s one bad levitation away from a broken hip. “The world needs her,” she insists. She stops dancing, appearing sad. “She just doesn’t know how much, yet.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I snap, shocking me and Mimi by managing to talk.

She pats my face a few times, giddy and evidently impressed. “You are a strong one, Aric Connor. Yes, you are.”

My voice slurs as Mimi adds another dose of mojo. “What are you talking about?” I repeat.

“Not what, whom,” she replies. She frowns. “The dark ones like her.”

© Cecy Robson, LLC A Cursed Noel, 2022.

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About the Author

Cecy Robson is an international and multi-award-winning author of over twenty-five character driven novels.A registered nurse of eighteen years, Cecy spends her free time creating magical worlds, heart-stopping romance, and young adult adventure. After receiving two RITA® nominations, the Maggie Award, the Award of Excellence, and a National Reader’s Choice Award nomination, you can still find Cecy laughing, crying, and cheering on her characters as she pens her next story.

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