Spotlight & Excerpt: Blue Lunar and The Apex Grail, by R.L. Baxter

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Blue Lunar and The Apex Grail
by R.L. Baxter
Fantasy Adventure
396 pages

In a world where the gods have long deserted mortals, a powerful sorcerer emerges from a 100-year-old prison. Releasing an army of beasts, he enters a path of destruction while searching for an ancient relic.

Tasked with challenging the darkness, a pure and naive-hearted boy named Luke embraces his destiny to defeat the wizard – for the promise of a better tomorrow.

Equipped with a divine armour, fashioned by the most powerful goddess, Luke will journey across the land in pursuit of the dark sorcerer, making unforgettable allies and bonds along the way. However, as a long-buried tragedy slowly comes to light, the boy will question everything he believes in… including his destiny



“Oh wow, what’s with all the attitude? Is that the thanks I get for bestowing you with the powers of the blue moon? I think you’ll find that I have done more than enough for a mere human like you.”

Gritting his teeth before clenching his fists with anger, the boy turns around and shouts “these powers of mine couldn’t so much as touch that awful wizard. The only thing it did was destroy the very city I wanted to protect!”

“I never said that being a hero would be easy, Luke.”

“Well, you never said anything that truly mattered, and yet the very enemy you wanted me to kill was able to reveal more information than you ever did. For example, who the heck is Solomon and how did the wizard know so much about my armour? Was it true that it first belonged to that other person?”

Pausing with shock, the woman gasps before turning her gaze away from the boy. With a far from convincing manner, she replies “Solomon is nobody… nobody at all.”

“You liar! How do you expect me to trust you if you won’t even tell me the truth?”

Author Bio
Ricky Baxter Author PhotoRicky Baxter is a London born, fantasy author of novels and short novellas. He is an avid blogger, giving advice and thoughts to fellow creators from all walks of life. Starting out as a composer after graduating with a Ba(Hons) in music and multimedia, Ricky worked for many independent short film directors, gaining notable IMDB credits. Since then, he has embraced his earlier passion for writing fictional stories.

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