Spotlight: Before the SHUTDOWN, by Mack J. Lou


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Before the SHUTDOWN
Series: NOUSOPOLIS #.05
by Mack J. Lou
Genre: Science-Fiction; Graphic Novel
Out: June 28, 2021
150 pages

It’s around mid-22nd century. Earth is utterly uninhabitable. Moreover, frequent environmental/physical anomalies occur that cause critical technological failures and destruction. The city-state Nousopolis must constantly sustain a vital artificially sustained urban habitat. The city is organized around an interconnected network of citizens and infrastructures based on an advanced ‘neural-control interface’ computing system. The alpha officers of the PEXECUTIVE (government) are at the forefront of protecting the city. Although based on the world of “NOUSOPOLIS”, “Before the SHUTDOWN” tells its own independent story. It focuses on three alpha officers of the PEXECUTIVE’s DFAI (Department of Facilities, Automations, Infrastructures). The story provides a closer look at the city’s predicament and highlights the treacherous challenges that Janet, John, and Rob must face on a daily basis.


About the Author:

Author ImageMack J. Lou is a life explorer, wannabe wisdom-lover, artist, and author. Having a science background, he is fascinated by science and technology. He appreciates thought-provoking sci-fi works and has spent a great deal of time delving into the worlds of science fiction. He enjoys discussing the latest sci-fi films and novels. He also debates philosophical issues with friends and colleagues but, usually, loses every argument.

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