Book Blitz & Excerpt: Rise of the Hunter, by Barb Jones

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Vampires and werewolves and witches, oh my!

Happy publication day and congratulations to author Barb Jones on the release of Rise of the Hunter. Read on for more details!

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Rise of the Hunter
Of the Dark Prophecy series
By Barb Jones
Publication Date: June 15, 2023
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy/ Supernatural Horror

🩸Deadly Romance
🩸Life-Draining Curse
🩸Morally Gray Characters
🩸Dark Magic
🩸Deadly Creatures
🩸Multi POVs


The queen and her friends threw me into the dark pit three years ago, and I sought a way out, having used the power and life force of the others who were also thrown in. Today, I am free and planning my vengeance against her and the others.

In a supernatural world filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, and angels, I will have my revenge against them. I am the epitome of evil and didn’t die like they thought. There’s a third prophecy with a nice little catch! This prophecy is meant for me; my revenge will turn the tables on the queen and her friends. I will turn them all against her, and according to the prophecy, the avenging angel be mine. Forever. As for the others, they will serve me.

It’s time for me to rise, beginning with the birth of a new hunter, new demons, and an angel that will be mine. Vengeance against the queen will be mine.

Rise of the Hunter is the fourth book in the Blood Prophecy series and is the first book of a new trilogy for the Tall Dark Man. It is full of dark magic and vengeance with a twist of good vs. evil but will good win this time? This supernatural book is set in the modern-day world between supernaturals to control the world and unleash evil as the world prepares for peace.


The Tall Dark Man called forth his witches of great power. He called upon their spirits, regardless of flesh and blood. He owned their souls, and because of that, they lived to serve only him. Thirteen powerful witches stood before him. His coven. Tapping his right fingers on the stone armrest of his throne, his left hand cradled his chin. His chin, left crooked from falling in the pit, never straightened and distorted his face. As he looked over towards his coven of dark witches, he watched them as they bowed in reverence to him.

“My coven. I call upon you to create an army of demons from that stone. It is the oldest stone and can be bent to obey my will. Create this army using that stone as it holds the strongest and hottest fire in the world. It is a volcano fire. Give this army strength, cunning, and power, for it will have to rise against the queen, the angel Zaraquel, and the witch. This army can’t be destroyed except by one word. I will give you that word when it is time.”

The witches stood whispering in front of him. One of them dared to speak.

“And what names shall we give these demons? To know one’s name is to command it.”

“When the demons are ready, I shall name them myself. This way, there is only one master. Do you remember Krieg, the Stone Demon? These need to be even more vicious. Krieg was the perfect Stone Demon, but a vampire and his witch wife destroyed him. Raise my army or suffer my wrath. When you have succeeded, I have more tasks for you in the days ahead.”

The same outspoken witch came to the Tall Dark Man and bowed to him. “Yes, lord. Your wish is our command.”

He saw all the witches standing before him, bow in servitude, and retreat to create his army. However, the Tall Dark Man summoned one witch back to him. She was a dark-skinned woman, and he admired her beauty. She was one of his favorites because, despite her physical age, he ensured her youth and beauty. The witch would lie with many men and bear their children, instructing all of them about dark magic, and causing speculations during the trials. He saved her after her time in jail by replacing her with a demon molded into her image. The Tall Dark Man wasn’t about to let anything happen to his witch after the Salem Trials. Not as strong as his sweet Elizabeth Hexham… Her loins bore him many demon sons and daughters.

She asked, “Will we create stone demons, or will there be more?”

The Tall Dark Man smiled and shifted his position on his throne. Motioning her to come forward, he grabbed her breasts and titillated them, stimulating her body in response to him. He watched her close her eyes and sway her hips, spreading herself open to him. His witches knew his needs and when to service him. This was one of those times… He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, her back arched.

“You, my sweet Tituba, shall give birth to a hunter. A hunter whose only purpose is to kill the queen and bring me the avenging angel. He will rise from your womb. He will kill the queen and her pets and bring their lifeless bodies to me so that the coven can raise them from the dead and command them to serve me. Only the angel will be left alone.”

Tituba nodded and replied, “I am honored, master. Will this hunter succeed? The last failed miserably, and you were in a terrible rage of anger.”

Scratching his chin, he thought for a moment and answered her. “Yes, because through him, all the demons and beings that serve me will follow his command while he is on his mission. He won’t be alone. Be calm. I won’t make that mistake again. Now, concentrate on something else, my sweet.” Then, he covered her with his body and implanted his seed into her womb.

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About the Author


Barb Jones is an award-winning supernatural thriller/horror author, living in Florida. While she is an accomplished IT professional by day, she fulfills her passion for writing supernatural thrillers by night. Born and raised in Hawaii, Barb deeply connects to legends, the supernatural, and all things that go bump into night. Her Hawaiian heritage plays a significant part in a lot of her writing. Her family roots return to Ancient Hawaii, involving a royal lineage and being descended from a long line of kahunas.

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Spotlight & Excerpt: I Promise You Pain, by Bart Baker

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“Not your daddy’s Jack Reacher, Cordon Finn is a different breed…”

Welcome to the book tour for I Promise You Pain by Bart Baker. Read on for more details!

bookcover I Promise You Pain

I Promise you Pain
(The Cordon Finn Vengeance Series #1)
by Bart Baker
Genre: Crime Fiction/ Action Thriller/ LGBTQ2+ Books
Publication Date: May 11, 2023

Hired by a Chicago billionaire to pluck his runaway son from the Palm Springs compound of a wealthy pedophile, former military extraction and information specialist, Cordon Finn, believes it will be a simple snatch-and-go job with a big payday. But Cordon discovers that his quarry isn’t the billionaire’s underage son, but rather his trans-daughter, Lucious, whose father wants her dead. After fighting off assassins, Cordon vows to keep Lucious alive. But when the billionaire kidnaps Cordon’s girlfriend and comes after his family and friends, Cordon takes the fight back to the billionaire’s door. With the help of Lucious and his sister, Annie, Cordon craves vengeance, even if the cost is his own life.

I PROMISE YOU PAIN contains brutal violence as well as raw language, consensual and nonconsensual sex. There are trans and gay characters. Not your daddy’s Jack Reacher, Cordon Finn is a different breed. Fascinating, faceted, damaged but relatable, Cordon seeks vengeance for those who can’t.

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“I got money,” Lucious says. “Whatever you’re getting paid for, whatever you’re doing, I can get you more.”

“Shut up,” Cordon demands, pushing Lucious behind him as Cordon plots their escape. As he calculates the route out, Cordon is snapped back to the moment when he hears Luscious behind him.

“I’m at Wayne’s! This fucking lunatic is kidnapping me! He about killed Way—” Lucious barks into his phone as Cordon whips around. Yanking the cell phone from Lucious’s hand, Cordon smashes it against the wall. Dropping the pieces to the floor, Cordon stomps on it.

“What the hell!? That’s a brand-new iPhone!”

“Hear me and hear me good, knucklefuck. You pull any bullshit, you call for help, try to signal someone, anything I don’t like, I will rip that little swimsuit off your ass and gag you with it. Understand?”

“Yeah, but—”

Cordon slaps his hand over Lucious’s mouth. “Shut! Up! You talk, you die. You keep your mouth shut, do as I say, you will come out of this alive, Lucas,” Cordon warns in a harsh whisper as he takes his hand away from Lucious’s mouth.

“Lucious! My name is Lucious! She! Her!”

Again, Cordon slaps his hand over Lucious’s mouth again, his face getting close to hers.

“Don’t! Care!” Cordon snaps back.

Lucious glares into Cordon’s eyes, fighting her rage. She carefully reaches up and pulls Cordon’s hand away from her face. “Why are you kidnapping me?”

Cordon’s finger gets right in Lucious’s face, ignoring her question. “We’re going down those stairs together, our arms around each other, and right out the front door. Remember, you try to alert anyone, I will punch you in the head so hard you will wake up in the hospital if you wake up at all. If I’m clear, nod.”

Lucious defiantly does as asked. As Cordon turns back to the door, Lucious seizes the moment and grabs Cordon’s hand, putting a lock on Cordon’s thumb, slamming her elbow into a pressure point in Cordon’s neck. More startled than injured, Cordon’s free hand comes up fast, right into Lucious’s solar plexus, the air blasting from Lucious’s lungs.

Staggering back, Lucious recovers quickly, jumping into the air and surprising Cordon with a kick that connects with his head. Cordon wobbles a step, his fist coming up defensively. Lucious strikes, pummeling Cordon with kicks and punches, her skill as a fighter remarkable but not

unexpected. Cordon knew the kid was a champion and prepared himself for Lucious to fight back.

Blocking Lucious’s attack, Cordon finds his back against the wall. He drops to the floor and sweeps out Lucious’s legs. Lucious hits the floor hard but startling Cordon, Lucious kips back to her feet, ducks under Cordon’s meaty swing, pile-drives a few punches into Cordon’s rib while screaming for help, hoping someone can hear her over the blasting music.

Cordon shoves Lucious back hard into the dresser, but Lucious comes back swinging and kicking. Cordon continues to block most of Lucious’s blows as Lucious continues to scream for help with each swing and kick. The music continues to drown out her pleas.

“I. Should. Be. The. One. Calling. For. Help!” Cordon barks, as he blocks the flurry of Lucious’s punches from doing any damage.

Needing to batter Cordon back long enough to escape, Lucious leaps in the air, her hips jerking hard as she comes around with a furious spin kick to Cordon’s head. But Cordon catches Lucious by the calf and slams her leg into the wall, holding her there, the leg up around Lucious’s face as the barrel of Cordon’s gun jams into Lucious’s balls.

“Hit me again, I’ll open you up like a can of fish,” Cordon snarls into Lucious’s face.

Slowly letting Lucious’s leg drop, Cordon grabs hold of the dozens of necklaces Lucious wears, many appearing homemade, dangling with a charm or amulet, tightening his grip until the necklaces dig into Lucious’s skin, choking her.

“Turn around,” Cordon orders, spinning Lucious towards the wall.

In the small black bag over his shoulder, Cordon pulls out a two zip ties. “I didn’t want to do this,” Cordon says as he binds Lucious’s hands together with the ties, and then grabs the necklaces again to maintain complete control over the kid. Yanking Lucious’s body against his, Cordon holds her tightly, sliding the gun barrel up to Lucious’s cheek. “This is how serious I am about this. I want to get out of here. And unless you want half your pretty face blown off, you’re going to do what I say. I feel you so much as tense a muscle, I’m going to send you home to your family in a plastic trash bag.”

“My father would like that.”

“Let’s not find out, Bruce Lee.”

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About the Author

Bart Baker headshot (2)

With seven novels, two seasons of a Kindle Vella story, SCRAPS, eight plays, and 19 produced film and TV credits, Bart has been writing for over 40 years. Starting in the theater, the film rights to Bart’s play, RELAY, were bought by Warner Bros., which led him into screenwriting. Bart has had two feature films produced (LIVE WIRE and SUPERCROSS,) eleven produced movies for television for CBS, ABC, USA, Family Channel, and Hallmark as well as work on four television series including DIRT, starring Courtney Cox. Bart’s novel, HONEYMOON WITH HARRY was a critical and commercial success with the movie rights purchased by New Line/Warner Bros when the book was in galleys.

Bart lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his husband, Joe Elvis, and two children, Isaiah and Emmanuel. Besides writing, Bart is a lifelong swimmer and gym rat. Follow Bart on Facebook, on Twitter at @firstBartBaker, on Instagram @thefirstBartBaker, IMDB as Bart Baker, or his website

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