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Remember Me at Christmas
(Spirit of Christmas Novella)
Debra Curwen
Published by: Vinspire Publishing
Out November 16th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Andi has always loved Christmas. The magic, the surprises, and a precious music box she treasures inspired her to open her own Christmas workshop. Andi’s Antiques is now a thriving business, and she sees a long future ahead.

But she hadn’t counted on Mike who wields his charm like a weapon or his determination to buy out her business and replace her quaint, antique shop with its wonder of Christmas with a bar and gaming tables.

Andi isn’t selling no matter how convincing he may be. Sure, there’s something about the guy that’s magnetic, but it’ll take a lot more than a handsome face to make her give up on her dream. Unlocking her heart, though, may be a different story.

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Author Bio:

I am a multi-published author of various genres. I write children’s books under the pseudonym of Jaime McKoy and sensual romances under Tess Manning, although that name is being retired.

​The contemporary romances I write under Debra Curwen are sweet and wholesome, much like a Christmas movie you would see on television. My first one, Remember Me At Christmas is a novella, it will release in November 2020 from Vinspire Publishing.

I am also a photographer, a wife of forty-plus years, mother of two, and grandmother of four.

I am addicted to Dancing with the Stars, Days of Our Lives, my maltipoo, Jasper, and Halo ice cream (mint chocolate chip, please).

Website / Twitter / Instagram


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Spotlight & Excerpt: Priceless, by Catherine Stein


Sass and Steam, Book 2
Catherine Stein

Steampunk Romance

Date Published: November 20, 2020


He’ll pay any price to win her. But her artist’s heart is not for sale.

Raised in a squalid factory, Evan Tagget has battled his way to the top. Now a multi-millionaire, he runs a global empire of telecommunication devices, mechanical dragons, and clockwork gadgets. Evan can buy anything he wants.

Except the love of the brazen artist who barges into his life.

Violet Dayton has made her living painting forgeries, scrimping and saving toward her true passion: a grand Paris art exhibition to display her work and the art of the friends who have always looked out for her. But a corrupt police inspector knows her secrets, and the only way to escape his clutches is to track down the master art thief plaguing museums across Europe.

With the aid of Evan’s money and connections, Violet knows she can catch her thief, but she hadn’t counted on her powerful attraction to the arrogant millionaire, or the complex, passionate layers beneath his cool exterior. With enemies everywhere, she’ll have to trust Evan with her life. Her heart, though, she guards closely. And the only way he’ll ever win her is to prove he knows the true value of love.

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I have a proposition for you, Mr. Tagget.”

His neatly trimmed eyebrows twitched. “Excellent!”

Ack, that smug smile. The man was too handsome for his own good, and he knew it. Vi didn’t know whether she’d rather kiss that mouth or punch it.

The grainy magazine photograph she’s scrounged up hadn’t done him justice. It made him look older, more serious. It didn’t show the single stray lock of hair curling across his forehead or the dimples at the corners of his mouth, too prominent to hide beneath his short goatee. It failed entirely to capture that wicked glint in his eye. He wasn’t the cold, merciless industrialist she’d imagined. His blood ran hot.

She’d also imagined him to be quite a bit taller. Standing here, staring at him, they looked exactly the same height.

You and I are going to enter a partnership, Mr. Tagget.”

Oh, are we?” He managed to both leer and sound suspicious.

You have heard, I assume, of the rash of art thefts over the past few months?”

That fool who styles himself ‘l’Exploiteur’? Is he the mastermind he claims, or just a braggart?”

I’m told he has stolen near to fifty works of art, mainly from private collections and small galleries. His thefts grow bigger and bolder, and he has begun to taunt major galleries and museums with the promise of the greatest heists ever seen.”

Well, that does sound dire, though I fail to see how it is of relevance to myself.” His dark brows quirked again. “Unless you are this Exploiter? If so, then I absolutely agree to join you on your next heist. What are we stealing?”

No!” Vi put both hands on her hips. “Oh, for heaven’s sake, I’m not an art thief.”

More’s the pity. I could use an interesting challenge.”

I’m an artist,” Violet huffed. “I create, I don’t destroy. I want my work on display, where it can be enjoyed by all.”

Tagget stroked his beard. “Hmm. What, then, is your concern with this pilferer of cultural treasures?”

I’m trying to learn his identity and put a stop to his crimes.”

How noble,” he chuckled. “Standing up for the dead masters who can no longer defend their works?”

Obnoxious ass. She really was going to punch him right in his pretty mouth, then storm out and find herself a different assistant.

Violet clenched her fingers. Rich businessmen with questionable ethics and worldwide communications networks couldn’t be found loitering on any street corner. She was lucky to even have the opportunity to speak with him.

I was asked to help in this case because of my own connections in the art world,” she explained, trying not to glower.

He frowned at her, causing a small furrow in his brow. “Your connections? What sort of connections would a lady artist have that would be of any use in this situation? Unless…” The frown twisted into a smile. “You’re involved in illicit dealings yourself, naturally. A forger, perhaps?” He twitched. “Well, I’ll be damned. Are you Vérité? But of course you are. ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty.’ Though you look rather youthful for someone who they say has been working for fifty years and faked three hundred paintings.”

Ten years, twenty-seven forgeries. Many haven’t been discovered, and many works have been incorrectly attributed to me.”

With her police file as thick as a Bible, Violet didn’t see any need to hide her deeds, and she was proud of the work she had done. Tagget looked momentarily surprised by her admission, then his smile returned.

Fascinating. You made a deal with the authorities, I presume? But you need assistance. Why me?”

I heard you were kicked out of the United States for spying.”

Tagget’s green eyes twinkled. “Now, my lovely blossom, you mustn’t believe every rumor you hear. I bent some laws, perhaps, but didn’t precisely break them. People did take exception, however, so I thought it best to focus on my European interests until the furor dies down.”

Violet turned up her nose at him. “I don’t care about the details. I care that you’re a teletics expert. Can you or can you not record information over a telephone or telegraph line?”

I can. Most of it is irrelevant chatter. Sifting through is usually a waste of time.”

And you’re an inventor?” she pressed on. “You can build things, and understand how machines work? You could dismantle them if necessary?”

A smile of a different sort touched his lips. More boyish, maybe even happier. “I could break through that mechanical door behind me with no more than a screwdriver, given enough time.”

Then you’re the man I need.”

He fixed her with a heated stare. “I’m pleased you think so.” The husky timbre of his voice sent a shiver down her spine. “I accept your proposal. When do we begin?”

About the Author


Award-winning author Catherine Stein believes that everyone deserves love and that Happily Ever After has the power to help, to heal, and to comfort. She writes sassy, sexy romance set during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Her books are full of action, adventure, magic, and fantastic technologies.

Catherine lives in Michigan with her husband and three rambunctious girls. She loves steampunk and Oxford commas, and can often be found dressed in Renaissance Festival clothing, drinking copious amounts of tea.

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Spotlight & Excerpt: Bloom Sisters + Giveaway

Bloom Sisters: a Contemporary Romance Box Set
Brooke Stanton
(Bloom Sisters, #1-3)
Publication date: November 16th 2020
Adult, Contemporary, Romance

She’s terrified they’ll discover she’s a fake. Her sister is trying to flee their façade. Will lies ruin their pursuit of bliss, success, and love?

Box set: 700 pages of riotous romps through the sweet adventures of two women searching for that coveted life… and the perfect man.

Catie Bloom has built her entire high-profile career on a big fat lie. She may be America’s #1 Domestic Goddess, but her flawless marriage, immaculate home, and amazing culinary skills are all a sham. And when a major TV special risks blowing her cover, she’s in desperate need of more than a helping hand…

Natalie Bloom slaved for years in kitchens to shore up her little sister’s pretense. But her lifelong dream of owning her own restaurant is finally within reach. So when her hunky business partner skips town with her money, she needs her sibling’s aid to hunt him down in Costa Rica.

As the two sisters’ entangled lives plunge into despair, their future happiness depends more than ever on baring their souls and deciding who to trust. But with broken hearts, hopeless moral dilemmas, and the constant pressure to live up to impossible social expectations, their precious dreams are coming dangerously close to becoming nightmares…

Will Catie and Natalie’s authentic ambitions and ideal men all come together in a giant happily-ever-after?

Bloom Sisters Box Set contains all three books in this sidesplitting contemporary romance series. If you like crazy characters, flirty fun, and hilarious messy mayhem, then you’ll adore bestselling and award-winning author Brooke Stanton’s deliciously fabulous frolic.

Buy Bloom Sisters Box Set to cook up love and laughter today!

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The Misadventures of Catie Bloom

My entire career is made up of lies.

Not little lies, either. Big, fat explosive lies. It wasn’t meant to be this way. Of course it wasn’t. I’m not a psycho or a pathological liar. It started innocently—little white puffs of misdirection and half-truths. But here I am on the set of the biggest morning show in the nation, dishing out my lies to millions of people.

There’s a scurry of movement as Holly Jenkins, the co-host of Wake Up, America!, leaves the living room set and joins me on the kitchen one where I stand behind the industrial metal counter. After reviewing her notes, Holly surveys the prepped ingredients in front of us: sliced beets and onions, walnuts, arugula, goat cheese, a halved orange, honey mustard, and a caddy with extra-virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.

“Welcome back,” Holly says to the camera, her hair, makeup, and couture perfect. “Joining me in the kitchen today is Catelyn Bloom from Simply Chic magazine. She’s here to show us the trick to making a gourmet salad in fifteen minutes.” Holly turns her dazzling smile to me.

“Right, uh…” I glance at my cards. I’ve done these cooking segments on Wake Up, America! a dozen times, but always with my sister Natalie in my line of vision, coaching me along. “Today, we’re making goat cheese and roasted beet salad.”

“Looks delicious.” Holly beams. “But there are a lot of ingredients laid out. How do you manage to make it in fifteen minutes? What’s the trick?”

“It’s easier than you think. First…”

Oh, crap. The trick just up and ghosted me. What is it??

My stomach clenches. This is live TV. There is no cut and do-over.

Natalie’s face appears to the right of the camera. She motions to the beets. Holding back a loud exhale, I fix my smile firmly in place.

Oh, right—beets.

“Instead of buying fresh beets—which take ages to boil and make your hands look like Lady Macbeth—buy canned beets. And instead of an entire onion—which you have to peel and cut and makes you cry off your mascara, giving you Panda-eyes—buy pre-sliced onions in the produce section. Then all you have to do is quickly slice the beets, place them both on a roasting pan”—which I do—“drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper, then stick them in the oven at three-fifty for ten minutes.”

“It’s so simple!” Holly’s eyes widen as if I’ve just given her the cure for cancer, and I barely resist rolling my eyes.

“While that’s roasting, whisk honey mustard, oil, and the juice of one orange in a bowl.” In the refrigerator, I pull out a plate of already-cooked beets and onions. “And when the beets and onions are done roasting, scoop them into a salad bowl with the arugula and walnuts, then add the dressing mixture. Voilà! The salad is—”

From the corner of my eye, I notice Natalie waving her hands and pointing wildly. I snap my glance her way, following her finger.

“Erm… I mean, don’t forget the star ingredient—goat cheese! Crumble it on top, and there you have it. A gourmet salad in under fifteen minutes.”

“As always, delicious and so easy.” Holly takes a tiny bite with her fork, then washes it down with water. “Your husband is one lucky man.”

I cringe at her words, and don’t dare look at Natalie.

Author Bio:

After her own misadventures in New York City, LA, and London, Brooke Stanton now lives in Dallas, Texas. She’s the bestselling and award winning author of the Bloom Sisters and Forbidden Romance series.

Visit her website

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