Spotlight & Excerpt: See Me After Class, by Meghan Quinn

by Meghan Quinn
Release Date: November 12th
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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“Did you have relations with my brother . . .”

Good question.

I’d like to preface this by saying it was never my intention to ever get involved in a workplace romance, let alone get involved with the most surly, agitating, and pompous man I’ve ever met who just so happens to be my new friend’s brother.

My intentions were to show students how English and reading books could actually be fun and make a new life for myself in the suburbs of Chicago.

But so far, I’ve managed to be called into the principal’s office.

Coerced into participating in the teacher’s badminton league.

And instigated into passionate fights with Arlo Turner over education and decorum while losing my underwear at the same time.

Known as Mr. Turns Me On, he’s the reason I might get fired from my first ever teaching job.




“Before we get started, I’ve been told I need to ask you a question.” Stella sits cross-legged in front of me, a nervous look on her face, water in hand.

“Oh?” I ask, trying to act casual as I bring my glass of red wine to my lips. I have a scary inkling what this might be about.

She glances over at Coraline and winces. “Uh, I feel weird asking.”

Oh God . . . I was right.

Shifting, I say, “You know, we don’t have to—”

“Then why bring it up if you’re not going to propose your query?” Keiko asks impatiently while pushing her green-rimmed glasses up on her nose. “You know the frequency of these meetings is dependent upon staying within the comprehensive itinerary I composed during my lunchbreak.”

“Cool your bloomers, Keeks,” Coraline says while taking a large sip from her wine glass. “I want to know what’s making Stella so fidgety.”

The four founding members of the Ladies in Heat Book Club—aka my mismatched collection of friends—each bring diverse and unique character traits to our group.

Keiko “Keeks” Seymour—resident AP chemistry teacher at Forest Heights High School. Her social etiquette is lacking, her intelligence is off the charts, and she’d rather play with beakers than penises. She wasn’t thrilled about the book club name and made a noble attempt to explain why her suggestion, the Austen Empowerment Collaborative, was far more credible. Majority ruled, she lost.

Stella Garcia—Spanish teacher at Forest Heights and my co-coach. Currently single, makes the best tamales I’ve ever had, and is one stamp away from getting a free donut at Frankie Donuts. Can be shy at times, but when it comes to her family and friends, she doesn’t take shit from anyone. Loyal to the core, one of the reasons I adore her.

Coraline “Cora” Turner—recent divorcée and living with her brother, Arlo. Jobless at the moment and couldn’t care less about it since both she and Arlo have enough inheritance to last them a lifetime. Often annoyed by her older brother or annoying him, doesn’t partake in Twitter—says it’s a filthy pool of opinions, and is the first to offer up a bottle of wine.

Then there’s me . . .

Greer Gibson—twenty-four-year-old fresh to the teaching scene as Forest Heights’s new English teacher and women’s volleyball coach. I love running, have a penchant for a man in a cardigan, and can get a little noisy in the classroom while teaching. I currently share a classroom wall with Arlo Turner, Forest Heights most prestigious English teacher, and might have lost my underwear—

“Out with it, Stella,” Cora says, snapping at her.

“Please, so we can proceed,” Keeks says, straightening her notepad on her lap.

Stella looks me in the eyes and says, “Brock wants to know if there’s anything going on between you and Turner. Apparently, Turner won’t say a thing, but Brock thinks there’s some strong sexual tension building.”

Cora whips her head to me, her eyes wide. “Are you getting it on with my brother?”

Finger pointed in the air, Keeks leans in and says, “The proper term amongst company would be coitus.”
Rolling her eyes, Cora asks, “Did you have coitus with my brother?”

“You could also say intercourse if that amuses your jargon more,” Keeks adds. “Or copulating would be sufficient. But if you are inclined toward romantic terminology, since we are in the presence of the book club, you could say lovemaking or performing intimate acts. Although, given the circumstances of when coitus took place—in the work environment—I would deduce that your actions were performed carnally rather than with the interest of developing a devoted accord.”

“Good God, Keeks,” Cora says, irritated. “Who cares what it’s called? We just want to know if it happened.” Cora looks me in the eyes. “Did it?”

Did it . . .

Good question.

I’d like to preface this by saying it was never my intention to ever get involved in a workplace romance when I was hired at Forest Heights, let alone get involved with the most surly, agitating, and pompous man I’ve ever met.

My intentions were to show students how English and reading books could actually be fun, bring the volleyball team to a state championship, and make a new life for myself in the suburbs of Chicago.

But so far, I’ve managed to be called into the principal’s office.

Infiltrate the teachers’ athletic league.

And had passionate fights with Arlo Turner over education, decorum, and student-teacher friendships.
Not to mention I’ve lost my panties to him in my dreams more than I care to admit.

Why did this all happen?


The man dresses in a cardigan, that’s how.

Arlo Turner. The bane of my existence, annoyance to my sanity, and the only man who’s ever made me want to spread my legs in a classroom.

He’s torn down my metaphorical walls, strapped on a cottony cardigan—pushed up the sleeves—and has driven me to the brink of insanity, so now whenever I hear the mention of his name, my legs automatically spread, and my heartrate picks up.

Known as Mr. Turns Me On, he’s the reason my star athlete is struggling to keep her grades up.

He’s the reason I tend to avoid the teacher breakroom.

And he’s the reason I might get fired from my first ever teaching job.



About the Author:
USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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Spotlight & Excerpt: The Lost King + Giveaway

The Lost Kingstrong
Frazier Alexander
YA High Fantasy
Out November 10, 2020
Publisher: FyreSyde Publishing

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King Athan vanishes at sea. His children, prince Thalos and princess Thara, drift apart with age, their kingdom falling into ruin. Thalos stubbornly clings to the past; Thara, resentful of her father, looks to the future. In the wake of this decline, a beautiful enchantress usurps the throne from the estranged siblings. She exiles Thalos to the edge of the world and slowly
enslaves Thara’s mind.

In his exile, Thalos finds another castaway—an old comrade of his father. Together they begin a voyage in search of the lost king. Thara, meanwhile, resists the new queen’s coercive spells and finds a resistance of creatures still loyal to her father.

With a vast world of enchanted islands and beings between them, Thalos and Thara struggle to restore their family and rekindle the hope of the true king’s return.

As morning ended and the ground rose steadily higher, they saw a plume of smoke issuing into the air above the jungle canopy, less than a mile off.
“That is no chimney-smoke!” said Kanthus.
“They may be geysers,” said Borthus, “such as I had seen on my voyage to Koros. Did you know I slew two trolls and set their—”
“Quiet!” hissed Ruan.
Thalos tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword.
“What is it?” asked Thalos. But he felt that he already knew the answer.
Before Ruan could speak, a massive green head reared over the nearest slope, but its large, yellow eyes had not yet fallen on the companions, who stood frozen. Each step shook the earth; each scale reflected sunlight like burnished metal. The steam they had seen before was merely the breath of its cavernous nostrils.
Borthus screamed his war-cry and leaped into action, his sword drawn and held high.
Ruan, cursing and clasping only air in an attempt to stop the warrior, ran after him. The others followed hard on his heels.
The dragon was halfway into a cavern of obsidian when the company caught up to Borthus, who stood firmly at the entrance, his weapon poised for battle, shouting.
The dragon paused, bent its serpentine neck, and looked over them with sleepy, disinterested eyes. “What a wonderful performance,” it said languidly, its voice deep and human—female, at that. “Now, are you boys done playing hero?”
Borthus was stunned, but the others were on the verge of laughter.
Ruan, squinting and jutting his head forward as if to see better, asked, “Nasoka?”
The dragon’s long neck, which before had been arched loftily, now descended, like a hound’s snout dipping to the ground on a scent. Her head turned right, then left, ponderous and cat-like “Ruan?” the dragon asked. “Is that you?”
“Did I miss something?” said Borthus, an eyebrow arched.
“Nasoka!” exclaimed Ruan, running forward.
“You’re alive!” said the dragon, lowering her head so that the old knight could wrap his knotted arms around it. “I almost couldn’t recognize you with that awful beard! You need a shave, my old friend!”
“Friends,” said Ruan motioning for the others to come near. “This is Nasoka. She was a companion of one of the Ennead knights—Viralos of Anutara.”
Thalos’ heart soared with relief. The dragon was safe, and she was a friend to another knight of Antaranis!
Ruan introduced the rest of the company to Nasoka. Only Borthus seemed downcast and confused.
Ruan’s smile faded. He peered longingly into the dragon’s cave as if searching for something—or someone. The others fell silent, and Nasoka’s dragonish eyes reflected a very human sorrow.
“Viralos is dead,” she said, her eyes downcast.
“So I feared,” said Ruan, his gaze far away and haunted. “How did he die?”
“You should come inside,” the dragon said, “and refresh yourself first.”
They followed Nasoka into the cave. A jagged, glittering roof stretched over a sandy floor. Barrels, weapons, crates, and locked chests lined the walls. Nasoka told them the cave had once belonged to a band of thieves. She had driven them off and slain the ones who tried to put up a fight. There was a good cask of beer that set things right with Borthus. The company sat on
sawn rings of wood or on crates while they drank and Nasoka fell into her tale.

 About the Author

Frazier Alexander lives in Denton, Texas with his wife Nicole.

He began writing around the age of nine, inspired by movies such as The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and “sword-and-sandal” epics like Jason and the Argonauts. As a reader, his interests gravitate towards older works and the classics, such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Virgil’s Aeneid, Beowulf, and Le Morte D’Arthur. Along with creating his own mythological backdrop for his stories, Frazier is an amateur calligrapher, map-maker, and artist.


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Spotlight: The Moon is Missing + Giveaway

The Moon Is Missing
by Jenni Ogden
388 pages

Book Club, Literary, Women’s Fiction, Domestic Suspense
Sea Dragon Press
Out April 2020
Adult Fiction (18 +)
PG-13+ M: No violence, mild non-explicit sex scenes, appropriate and minimal use of f— words and a few mild cusses etc, adultery as a secret from past generations, but not between current-day characters. 


Book Description:

A daughter who cries “Who am I?”
A mother who can’t tell her…
A hurricane called Katrina…
A family secret exposed…
An island at the bottom of the world.

From Jenni Ogden, author of multiple-award-winning A DROP IN THE OCEAN, comes a page-turning tale of family secrets and mother–daughter conflict set in London, New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and on a remote and spectacular island off the coast of New Zealand.

Georgia Grayson has perfected the art of being two people: a neurosurgeon on track to becoming the first female Director of
Neurosurgery at a large London hospital, and a wife and mother. Home is her haven where, with husband Adam’s support, she copes with her occasional anxiety attacks. That is until her daughter, 15-year-old Lara, demands to know more about Danny, her mysterious biological father from New Orleans who died before she was born. “Who was he? Why did he die? WHO AM I?” Trouble is, Georgia can’t tell her. As escalating panic attacks prevent her from operating, and therapy fails to bring back the memories she has repressed, fractures rip through her once happy family. Georgia sees only one way forward; to return to New Orleans where Danny first sang his way into her heart, and then to the rugged island where he fell to his death. Somehow she must uncover the truth Lara deserves, whatever the cost.

Praise for The Moon is Missing:

“Jenni Ogden is a beautiful writer. In her newest, a tale of domestic suspense, Ogden tells the story of a neurosurgeon bedeviled by her own sophisticated brain and the memories of a long-ago tragedy that still has the power to destroy her and her family. Pick up The Moon is Missing. You won’t put it down.”
— Jacquelyn Mitchard, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Deep End of the Ocean & My Only

“With gripping scenes set during Hurricane Katrina and on a remote New Zealand island, this tightly-woven family drama—fueled by long-buried secrets and a daughter’s desperate need to answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ —is ripe for book club discussion.” –Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of ‘A Perfect Son’ & ‘The Promise Between Us’

“…Beautifully written … characters were immensely believable…Ogden did not shy away from the harsh realities of what can happen when someone in a family is experiencing panic attacks and trauma from the past. Katrina was a tragedy and I feel the novel really paid homage to the medical staff who worked tirelessly to make sure people were evacuated….a must-read for anyone who is a fan of women’s fiction, especially harkening back to the old greats such as Fern Michaels.”
—Readers’ Favorite, 5 star review.

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Meet the Author:

Jenni Ogden and her husband live off-grid on spectacular Great Barrier Island, 100 kms off the coast of New Zealand, a perfect place to write and for grandchildren to spend their holidays. Winters are spent near a beach in Far North Tropical Queensland. Jenni’s debut novel, ‘A Drop in the Ocean’, won multiple awards and has sold over 80,000 copies.

As a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist, she is well-known for her books featuring her patients’ moving stories:’Fractured Minds: A Case-Study Approach to Clinical Neuropsychology’, and ‘Trouble In Mind: Stories from a Neuropsychologist’s Casebook’. Please visit her author website, sign up for her e-newsletter, and friend and follow her everywhere!

 website  ~ facebook  ~ twitter ~ instagram ~ goodreads

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