Spotlight: Devils Reapers MC Series + Giveaway

Devils Reapers MC Book 5
by Ruby Carter
Genre: Dark MC Mafia Romance


If there’s one thing I’ve always known, it’s that I need to dominate; in my club, over our rivals, and in the bedroom. I get what I want, and I’m always in control, chasing the pain and pleasure I crave with as many women as I can get—or at least I was, until I met Kelly fuckin’ Davis. She’s strong-willed, relentless, and she pushes my buttons like no other woman I’ve ever met. She may be 15 years younger than me, but I can’t quench my thirst for her. I want—no, I need—to own her ass…

He tells me I’m too young for him and that I shouldn’t play games, but no man has ever made this ‘little girl’ feel like Dagger does. I’ve needed more of him since the first time he showed me his deepest desires, but he refuses to give into the hunger between us. Luckily, even an ultra-alpha like him is no match for this feisty Latina. I need to be dominated as much as he needs to dominate, and it’s time to show him who’s really in control…

Determined that no woman can tame him, lifetime bachelor Dagger shuns relationships for a life of casual hook-ups with any woman he wants—except one. As much as he tries to fight his forbidden desire for her at first, Kelly Davis has other ideas, and Dagger finds his possessive instincts starting to win out. However, just as Dagger begins to surrender to the chemistry between them, a cruel twist of fate threatens to rip it from him forever.

As MC and Mafia collide and the stakes of club life become higher than ever, will Dagger’s desire for Kelly give him the courage to form an alliance from an unlikely source, or will his need for control spell the end of their connection—and life as he knows it—for good? Find out in the darkly explosive finale of author Ruby Carter’s Devils Reapers MC series, Dagger.

Devils Reapers MC Book 4


To his club, Tinhead is the joker of the pack. One of the Devils Reapers MC’s most desired men, he has no shortage of admirers or bedmates, but eyes for just one woman; the elusive Jade Smith, whose connection to him runs deeper than he thinks… 

All too aware of their shared past, Jade is determined to refuse Tinhead’s advances at every turn, sure she has no interest in the MC’s confident clown. When she is faced with the opportunity to get even, she is shocked to find that revenge isn’t as sweet as she thought it would be and all is not as it seems.

As Jade learns that this clown is more than his cover, she finds herself drawn ever closer to Tinhead, and it becomes clear that his head is a minefield that only she can navigate. As Tinhead’s past threatens to overwhelm him and he stares down the barrel of impending doom, both love and life are put on the line. 

When faced with an ultimatum, will the Devils Reapers’ newest member find the strength to follow his heart and fight for his future, or will the weight of his former life prove too much to bear?

Find out in the emotional fourth instalment of The Devils Reapers MC series. 

** Note all books can be read as standalone.**

Devils Reapers MC Book 3


On the outside, it seems as though Jenna May Smith has her life together. A hard worker, she has a successful business and the most loyal friends she could wish for, but the truth is deeper than that. Damaged by the ghosts of her past, she has built walls around her heart to protect herself and push men away, never truly letting anyone in.

When she agrees to go on a date with Bear Jameson-a fiercely loyal tough guy with a soft center-she plans to make it a one-time thing, but sweet-talker Bear seems smitten and has other ideas.

As they grow closer, Jenna learns that there’s more to Bear than meets the eye, and she finds herself falling for him…hard.

The magnetic bond between the two souls quickly grows too strong to fight, and they become caught in the middle of a passionate romance, but when tragedy strikes, will love truly be enough to conquer all?

In the thrilling third instalment to the Devil’s Reapers MC series, Bear, the stakes of love are higher than ever. Will Bear and Jenna’s whirlwind romance stand the ultimate test, or will heartbreak sever their connection for good? There’s only one way to find out… 

**Only $1.29!!**
Devils Reapers MC Book 2


I’m vice president of the Devils Reapers MC, and I’m dead inside. Or at least I was… Before her…

For five long years, I lived shrouded in darkness after my light, my life, was ripped from me.

That all changed when she walked in. All of a sudden, I was as helpless as a moth to a goddamn flame. Her spunk, her attitude, her heart… I want all of it. I need all of it. I need her!

And yet, I know I can’t have her. MC business is risky – Hell, my whole damn life is risky, and I can’t let her get hurt.

No matter how much I want her, and I DO want her, I have to save the only one who could ever truly save me! 

Flex. Taken in by the fierce, beautiful Zara, Flex is faced with an impossible choice – follow his heart for an opportunity to save himself, or protect her from the dark truth?

When a sudden turn of events puts his life in danger, will he be strong enough to confront what he really wants, or let himself be consumed?…

From novelist Ruby Carter comes the awaited second installment in the Devils Reaper’s MC series. 

**Only .99 cents!**
Devils Reapers MC Book 1


Dani Cooper is a small woman with big ambitions… and even bigger worries.
Determined to escape her past, Dani throws herself into her dream of becoming a tattoo artist, but quickly finds herself falling into the lap of Axe Cole, bad boy biker and president of Devils Reapers MC. Though she finds herself instantly drawn towards him, past experiences keep her from giving in – until it becomes clear that fate has other ideas.
When a traumatic event finds Dani leaning on Axe harder than ever, old rivalries reignite, and a terrifying threat looms, Axe finds himself faced with a choice: follow his heart and give himself to the woman he loves, or protect his Pixie by walking away for good.
**This is an extended edition of my debut novel – the first in Devils Reapers MC series – Axe. Boasting a whole host of new content and reimagined scenes inspired by my true life experiences. Axe can be read as a standalone or in a series. **
**Get it FREE!! **

Hi, I’m Ruby Carter…

I am a new author trying to find her feet as she starts her new and exciting journey…

I’m a loving, fun and happy go lucky girl that took a shot at writing.

After reading forever and a day, I decided to take the leap and have a go at it.

My first book Axe – Devils Reapers MC was a very personal and semi autobiographical book. It’s been an amazing experience already.

You can come and find me on Facebook under Ruby Carter, Twitter Ruby Carter Author and come and say hi!!! : )

Love and hugs,

Ruby x

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Book Blitz: Fire Dancer + Giveaway

Fire Dancer elizabeth lowell & Ann Maxwellbanner new

This is my stop during the book blitz for Fire Dancer by Elizabeth Lowell. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 9 till 15 November. See the tour schedule here.

Fire Dancer

Fire Dancer
(The Concord #1)

By Elizabeth Lowell/Ann Maxwell
Genre: Science Fiction
Age category: Adult
Out Nov. 10, 2020

Rheba and Kirtin are the last survivors of their homeworld, at the edges of the Concord, forgotten but rich in history and traditions. Rheba is a fire dancer, able to focus and manipulate vast amounts of energy through discipline and motion and form. Kirtin is her protector and mentor, training her in these skills and knowing that one day these energies may grow to consume her unless she masters her own emotions and the power she derives from them.

In search of rumored other survivors like themselves, they set out amongst the worlds of the “civilized” Concord, finding that the presented superior and enlightened cultures they encounter conceal hypocrisies that assist even greater crimes. Entire civilizations built upon slavery and degradation are tolerated so long as they play the proper games of power and civility.

Led by the promise of knowledge regarding one of her kin, Rheba and Kirtin are brought to Loo, a planet ruled by a hereditary empire of slavers and decadents. There, both of them are consigned to slave pits beneath the gleaming cities and palaces of the surface. Amongst the forgotten and cast-off, Rheba and Kirtin find others like themselves, stolen or abandoned by their homeworlds and left to languish here, subject to labors and appetites and whims of the planet’s rulers.

But not everyone wants to remain a slave…

You can find Fire Dancer on Goodreads

You can buy Fire Dancer here:
Barnes & Noble


About the Author:
Individually and with co-author/husband Evan Maxwell, Elizabeth Lowell has written seventy novels and one work of non-fiction. There are over 30 million copies of these books in print, as well as reprints in 30 foreign languages.

Writing as Ann Maxwell, she began her career in 1975 with a science fiction novel, CHANGE. Since then, seven of her nine science fiction novels have been recommended for the Science Fiction Writers of America Nebula Award; A DEAD GOD DANCING was nominated for what was then-called TABA (The American Book Award). After more than thirty years, these books are being brought back into print starting with the FIRE DANCER trilogy (FIRE DANCER, DANCER’S LUCK and DANCER’S ILLUSIONS) with TIMESHADOW RIDER following. The rest of her science fiction backlist will be published over the next two years.

You can find and contact Elizabeth Lowell here:

There is a tour-wide giveaway for the book blitz of Fire Dancer. 10 winners will receive an e-copy of Fire Dancer. Copies will be sent through Amazon.

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: The Hit Mom + Giveaway

The Hit Mom Blitz Banner

The Hit Mom
K. Marie
Publication date: November 7th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Thriller

The instructions were simple. Transport the package and deliver it on time.

That didn’t happen.

Because of that, Harmony Saxton almost died. Yet, she stared death in the face that day and was miraculously spared.

Now, four years later, she questioned whether she’d truly been spared at all. Because when the devil gave the order that day, staying her life, he also sealed her fate. Harmony was indebted to a monster—trapped in a dangerous world of politics and death, paying the ultimate price for loving the wrong man.

But hadn’t she paid enough for someone else’s sins? Was she meant to be punished for life?

Harmony would rather be dead. Except, she had one very good reason to live, and that was for her son, Teddy.

So then, how would it ultimately end? Did she dare to do the unthinkable to attain her freedom?

Harmony knew there was only one way to ensure her survival. The only question was, would she be able to look the devil in the eye when the time came…or would she shoot him in the back?

The Hit Mom is a gripping, fast-paced story that is guaranteed to take you on a head-spinning journey where danger is always around the corner, and things aren’t always as they seem!

*This book is standalone and told in a dual POV.
**Intended for ages 18 and over. Content contains violence, strong language, and sexual situations.

Goodreads / Amazon



It was unseasonably warm for late October in southern California, but today seemed a day like any other. The sun shone brightly in the east, while a breeze feathered gently across my skin, carrying with it the earthy perfume of fall.

In the distance, street traffic hummed along at a steady pace, while the occasional tinkle of laughter, or the wail of a cry, pierced the relative quiet around me. But my eyes stayed trained on the figure up ahead.

I moved along the energetic walking path of Edgewater Park carrying a large tote in one hand and clutching a child-sized palm in the other. To the casual observer, I was just one of the crew; another overworked and under-appreciated mom who sought a couple of hours outside the systematic prison that we called home.

Others might’ve judged me as the world’s worst mother, but not those who greeted me with warm, welcoming smiles as I strolled casually by. Here, I belonged. I fit right in with my black well-worn yoga pants, athletic jacket, and three-year-old Nikes.

I was an empathetic creature who gets it. I too, rose each morning to daily complaints from sullen children who lamented the necessity of attending school. I was also a slave to endless loads of laundry, meal preparations, cleaning up after others, and the dreaded car-pool. It felt nice to fit in somewhere—to be an accepted member of a clan I’d secretly termed ‘The League of Martyrs’.

But today, unbeknownst to them, I was probably their worst nightmare.

Yes, it seemed a day like any other. Except for me, it served as yet another test, as well as a grotesque reminder of the high price I’ve had to pay for my very life.

“Can I do it now, mommy?” asked Teddy, impatient to let loose with his new toy. It was a high-tech drone that was far too expensive to have been gifted to a child.

“Just a little further, sweetheart, I promise,” I told the toddler, keeping my eyes on the target.

My son predictably groaned his disapproval.

Up ahead, the man I had been tracking finally slowed to a stop in front of a well-worn park bench. After removing an old hankie from his pants pocket, he wiped the space clean before taking a seat. It was a routine, and the same one I’d seen him perform the past two days.

Every day at precisely noon, Henry L. Weiss; an unethical local politician, took his lunch break in the park located almost two blocks from his office. I looked on as he opened the crinkled brown paper bag that he always carried and pulled out a sandwich of unknown composition.

“Okay Teddy, we can do it here,” I told my son, pointing to a patch of grass about fifteen feet away.

“Yay!” he cheered loudly, running ahead of me.

To the casual observer, we were just a harmless mother and son out enjoying a beautiful day in the park. When in truth, I was likely the most dangerous thing out here.

Because today’s outing served two purposes, an opportunity for Teddy to try out his new toy, as well as the completion of a job for me. Yes, I brought my son to work with me. Don’t judge—you have no idea the shit I’ve been through.


K. Marie first fell in love with books when a good friend bequeathed her with her very first Harlequin Romance novel. Reading has always been her escape, but writing is her passion. So, it was only natural that she would one day write her own steamy tales of sex, lies, love and redemption.

In her novels, you’ll find gripping stories that are rife with hunky heroes, feisty heroines, an unexpected plot twist, and a little bit of gangster. K. Marie is a self-professed feminist who believes in unabashedly indulging the female fantasy. However, she doesn’t guarantee you’ll always get a happily ever after. Okay, or maybe you will!

K. Marie is a Michigan native. Some of her favorites are coffee, wine, fashion and music. When not writing, she’s hard at work creating beautiful graphics and publications for clients, taking on DIY home projects, spending time with her family, and planning her next vacation.

Looking to connect with K. Marie? You can always find her on Instagram or Facebook.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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